Opening Shop

“Rise again, rise again – though your heart it be broken
And life about to end
No matter what you’ve lost, be it a home, a love, a friend.
Like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again.”

Friday night I was searching for inspiration; trying to find something to blog about. The phrase, “drawing a blank” does not come close to conveying the rather spectacular lack of success I was having. To be quite honest, I was actually trying to avoid writing about something that had been on my mind because I hadn’t yet come up with any answers for the questions that were bothering me. In my search for inspiration I actually went back to my very first Live Journal post, and read them all again. My first LiveJournal entry was made on January 6, 2003. I found it quite interesting to read over those posts and see how much my life has changed. How my perceptions on so many things have changed: perceptions about the work place (I’ve changed jobs since that first post was made), perceptions about relationships, about the SCA (when that first post was made I’d been in the SCA for less than 8 months and had only been to three events; in other words, I didn’t know Jack).
One thing that became apparent as I was reading my journal is that I was really, really sick of the LiveJournal format. It was probably the first popular blogging site, and of course, it was free, but it does kind of look tacky. Thanks to period of introspection yesterday, I was ready to write what turned out to be the longest blog post I’d made in some time last night. By the time I was done with that post, I realized I was done with LiveJournal as well. I was going to find something else.
So, this afternoon I spent some time looking around for other blogging services that I could use. I do maintain a MySpace page, but I don’t really do much with it, and that site was quickly eliminated. I looked at the blogs I read frequently (daily) and checked out the services and desiced on this one at World Press. After checking it out, etc. etc., Cormac’s Corner was born. I’ll not be posting at Live Journal again. I will, however still read the same bloggers there that I always do, but from this point all my blogging will take place here.
My goal for Cormac’s Corner is mostly to increase self discipline, which is kind of a never ending project for me. I intend to make a minimum of three posts a week, each post being a minimum of 500 words. The topics will be highly focused on “whatever I feel like writing about”. I’m guessing a lot of it will be about various SCA subjects, but who knows what else will come out ? I sure don’t, but that at least makes it interesting.

3 Responses

  1. Welcome to WordPress. I use a WordPress plugin on my site, and I love, love, love it. So much nicer.

  2. Ditto. I think you’ll like it here!

  3. I followed you!

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