It’s only Wednesday……this is not good

  ” There is no pain, you are receding.
A distant ship’s smoke on the horizon.
You are only coming through in waves.
Your lips move but I can’t hear what you’re sayin’ ”

It’s only Wednesday, but already this has been a strange damn week. Tuesday I got sent home from work after two hours. I was coughing and hacking so hard that I couldn’t talk for more than a minute at a time. Unfortunately my job kind of depends on my ability to talk. So, I went home. The coughing calmed down rather dramatically late Tuesday night, so I thought I’d be able to go into work tonight, but I developed a toothache that was/is trying to kill me.
See, on Sunday I had managed to break off a part of one of my molars. The molar in question was mostly filling anyway, and the inner corner of it broke off. It didn’t hurt Sunday or Monday. Started hurting last night. Hurt worse today. I can’t get in to see my dentist until tomorrow. So, I called in sick to work again today. I was able to get into the dentist long enough today to get an x-ray done and be told I need a crown. What frigging joy. I hate, I mean seriously hate dentists. What kind of person wants to make their living with their hands in someone else’s mouth? Fortunately I have dental insurance, but the damn crown is still going to cost me around 450.00.  So, a .75 cent bag of KC Masterpiece potato chips is going to end up costing me 450.00, plus at least an hour or two worth of agony in the dental chair of torture. Did I mention this theory I have that dentists are all escaped nazi war criminals?
All in all, I guess you could say I’m really, really looking forward to the weekend. This weekend will see the crowning of Gleann Abhann’s third King and Queen; Earl Sir Padruig dubh Chlogad and Countess Linnet Macleod. I got to talk to Linnet a bit today. I was just checking to see if there is anything I could do to help her prepare in the last couple of days, as  a good protege should. I was informed that she is more or less prepared for everything at this point, but she would really need my help once this weekend was over and they were actually the sitting royals. I’m looking forward to this, I’ve never been part of an entourage before. Should be an interesting to see a different part of the Society. A chance to serve in a different, and new (to me, anyway) manner.

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  1. Dental problems seem to be running rampant lately. Must be the water. Hope your tooth starts feeling better soon – the dentist give you meds for it? Believe me, I Know how dental pain can totally take over your life. 🙂

  2. Shouldn’t that be $450.75?

    I kinda understand. I was told two weeks ago I was going to have to have my crown replaced after only six years! It’s sitting wrong (a redhot — you know, one of those tiny cinnamon candies — pulled it off a few years ago, and one of my dentist’s former partners re-set it — apparently, a bit off from normal) and it’s been digging into what I have left of a tooth there. I’m holding out until January, when we get a new dental provider and the co-pay is less. It didn’t hurt at all, though, until that was mentioned to me. I wonder how much of it is psychosematic… and how much is real. I’m not a big fan of dentists, myself. Or of KFC chicken tenders — which have (a) caused me to break the tooth I have a crown on today, and (b) caused my gall bladder attack which lead to the removal of said gall bladder. But that’s neither here nor there.

  3. So, so sorry about the dental issues! I hate dentists, too, but ever since I figured out how to work the nitrous machine when nobody’s looking… well, it hasn’t been so bad.

    I hope ya’ll have a great weekend! I’m so, SO sorry I won’t be able to be there.

  4. I had my first, and hopefully ONLY crown last December. I think I will not be drinking Memphis water any time soon!

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