The Crowning of a King.

What a fantastic weekend. What an amazing time.

My journey to the third Gleann Abhann Coronation began at 2:30 PM on Friday November 16th. I had departed the office promptly at 2:00 PM and was home by 2:20. Thanks to packing up the night before all we had to do was get the tubbies in the back of the truck and go. Jim and Gerald were already loaded when I got home. We were headed south and truckin’.
Long drives can be either excruciatingly boring or they can pass by so quickly that one never notices the time passing. This trip was very much the type that was over far to quickly. Jim Hanno is an SCA newby, only been to four events, but he loves the organization, and Gerald and I spent the time telling stories, answering questions, and the three of us had a great time. We stopped for dinner at a Western Sizzlin in Jackson (a word of advice, skip that particular restaurant), and then continued on to the site. We arrived about 8:30 PM.

We quickly got checked in, got changed, and spent the time before the 10:00 PM court engaged in the time honored SCA technique of hanging out and talking with friends. I am truly blessed in that I can go to any event within Gleann Abhann and find good friends to talk to. Before I knew it it was time for the Prince and Princess’s entourage to line up and process in for Their Majesties 10:00 PM Court. First time I’ve ever had the chance to stand behind the thrones, and it was a different experience.

The purpose of the evening court was to tell THL Uther Von Ziemer that he was going on vigil and would be elevated to the Chivalry on Saturday. The look on his face, oh it was priceless. He has worked so long and so hard for that. I truly cannot think of anyone that would have been a better choice for the first Knight of Gleann Abhann. Judging by the sound of the cheering from the audience they shared the same opinion. At the end of Court Their Majesties Havordh and Mary Grace escorted Uther to the vigil tent, followed by most of the court audience. I stood in line for about 45 minutes before I had the chance to go in and talk with Uther for a couple of minutes. That man has been an inspiration to me for several years, and I was so happy for him.

I spent the rest of the night just talking with folks. Magdalena and I spent several hours trading stories. At times we were joined by her husband Robert, or by Gerald, or any one of many, many others. At sunrise we were drinking coffee and watching the camp slowly wake up. It was time to start preparing for the day.

First step of preparation was changing into the garb I had commissioned from Caitriona for Coronation. Lady Caitriona is a genius with a needle, thread, and sewing machine. The garb she made for me looked great. It is not often that I feel that I look good, but I did that day.

Soon it was time for Havordh and Mary Grace to step down and for Padruig and Linnet to assume the thrones. Because I was part of the entourage that was marching with Her Majesty Linnet I didn’t see His Majesty Padruigs part of the ceremony, and I wish I had. From what I’ve been told it was well done. I know her part was impressive. The morning court saw the presentation of some well deserved awards but the most special part of it was seeing Uther’s elevation. Damn, that was cool.

The rest of the day was spent attending to their Majesties. It was a different kind of work, or service than I’ve ever done before, but I enjoyed it. I’m going to enjoy being part of their entourage. The royal lunch was followed by moving thrones to the field so that they could watch the various champions tournaments. Then it was time to move thrones back to the hall and prepare for the afternoon court. During that afternoon court there were some more well deserved awards given and some truly impressive presentations of gifts. Then clear the thrones out and set up for feast. Feast was very good, particularly the stuffed pork loin. After feast back to the cabin to change and prepare for the Revel. The lady that set up the decorations for the Revel did a beautiful job of decorating the hall. I admit, I didn’t stay long at the ball as I’m not much for dancing. More time was spent hanging out, and before I knew it I found myself back at the cabin. It was midnight, and I was dead on my feet. Time to go bed.

Sunday morning I woke up early and went searching for coffee. Fortunately there was a huge pot of it going in the main hall. I got some coffee, and some breakfast. While Their Majesties conducted their Curia most of the members of the entourage started loading up the trailer with all the kingdom property: thrones, banners, pavillion, something like seven different swords of state, feast gear, list ropes, etc. etc. Add to that what seemed like two tons of gifts, and it all took a while. But the work was split up among several people, and it all went quickly. All to soon we were done, and it was time to get on the road for home. Another great event was over.


2 Responses

  1. I sure wish I’d had your advice on that Western Sizzlin’ on the way home. We stopped and froze in there… at one point the general manager came over and poked us to make sure we were still among the living.

    What the HELL did they do to the ice cream maker? Vanilla ice cream should never congeal. Ever.

  2. So bummed that I missed the event. Only made it as far as Jackson when my lungs crapped out.

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