Sunday Morning

“I know that I will never be politically correct
And I don’t give a damn about my lack of etiquette
As far as I’m concerned, the world could still be flat
And if the thrill is gone, then it’s time to take it back
If the thrill is gone, then it’s time to take it back”

Friday afternoon, while pretending to work, I made a list of things I wanted to get accomplished this weekend.  There are 16 titems on the list, and so far I’ve accomplished three of them. My deadline for getting all of them done is 3:00 this afternoon. That is when I have to leave my hom ein order to attend a meeting. Can we say it’s going to be a busy morning and afternoon? Yes, I think we can. Just in case anyone is wondering; yes, writing a blog entry is one of those list items.
If one doesn’t consider the 300 minutes I spent at work, was a very pleasant day. I came home from work and promptly took a rather long nap. I love guilt free, afternoon naps. I don’t get the chance to have them very often. To be clear, I take a lot of afternoon naps, but very few of them are guilt free. I then spent a couple of hours puttering around my room while sort of half watching an extemely wierd movie called the Devils Rejects which is directed by Rob Zombie. I like slasher flicks, and I don’t have a problem with extremely violent movies. In fact, I rather like them. But Devils Rejects was…for some reason it was odd. Kind of disturbing. Not as disturbing as Hostel (that is a movie that has no redeaming virtues), but close to it.
Late yesterday afternoon I went shopping. Now it is officially the Christmas shopping season but I have to admit I was not shopping for Christmas gifts. I’ve got most of my Christmas shopping done, so I was quite selfishly engaging in retail therapy for myself. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do that relatively guilt free, and I have to say I enjoyed it.  I bought three computer games that I cannot yet play due to the fact my computer is rather old. However, I’m going to be upgrading within a month or so, so I’ll have them when the new machine get’s here. I bought a new case for my Ipod (and let me just say that Ipods are one of the neatest inventions since the original Sony Walkman), and for some reason I can’t quite yet figure out I bought two small flashlights; one red, and one black. Yep, I bought flashlights in the Gleann Abhann colors. It seemed like a good idea at the time. As did the box of 200 sheet protectors and the box of four three ring binders. SAMS Club can be a dangerous place.
After the shopping spree I ended up at Chuckie Cheese Pizza for the birthday party of one of our local Baronial Members.  I’ve not been in a Chuckie Cheese for close to 15 years, and I can honestly say not much had changed. However, there were a lot of folks there, lots of friends, and while there were no games that anyone over the age of 12 would find interesting, (and there were no games that I enjoyed so much when I was regularly going to arcades), I did have a good time hanging out with friends. I was glad I went, but I do have to admit, the singing rat disturbed me. Greatly.

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