I’m DONE!!!!!!!!!

“Christmas memories of happy years gone by
They come back to me and keep me warm inside
Good ole Christmas Memories
Oh, they mean so much to me
Oh, Those Christmas memories, make me cry…”

Brace yourself, my friends, for the Bald Man is about to engage in a little bragging. I love Christmas, I really do. I always have. When I was a kid Christmas was, thanks to my folks, a truly magical time. In many ways it still is. Yes, a lot of the stuff associated with the Holiday season that begins with Thanksgiving and ends with New Years Day is enough to drive the sanest person completely batty, but Christmas, the day itself, is still a joyous day. I realize that not everybody feels that way; and I realize that I am truly blessed by a great family and great friends that make that feeling possible.
What I do not like is the actualy Christmas gift shopping. I am not now, and never have been a good shopper, at any time of the year. During the Holiday Season, when one is looking for the “perfect” gift for a friend or family matter, I’m a really, really, lousey shopper. I admit, compared to some, I have it easy; the only people I have to shop for are my mom, my sister, my brother in law (a new addition to the list, they just got married in September), and a member of our SCA household (we do a secret santa thing and draw names instead of trying to buy for all of the members). I do not participate in a gift exchange at the office since I don’t like the people I work with enough to associate with them if I’m not getting paid. So, it is a short list, I admit, but I usually have a very hard time deciding what to buy for people. Of course it doesn’t help that most of the folks on my list are not real helpful in giving ideas on what they would like, at most it is something like “oh, I’ll enjoy whatever you get”. This is, of course, absolute twittle. Add to that the fact that do to some spectacular mishaps in my early twenties I am no longer allowed to even consider getting Mom or Kris clothes for gifts, and the fact that I’m still getting to know my brother in law, and you begin to see the problem I face with the holidays.
So, where does the bragging come in? I’m getting to that. It is only the Monday after Thanksgiving, and I’M DONE!!!. Well, mostly done; I have not actually bought all of the items, but I know exactly what I’m going to get everyone. The SCA Household member is getting a gift from the Gleann Abhann Cafe Press store (it actually arrived today). Kris just recently started a new job and mentioned when last I spoke to her she mentioned a couple of things she could really use, and I know exactly where to get them (and I’m fairly sure she’s forgotten she ever mentioned them to me. Steve, the new brother in law mentioned recently that he was looking for a new fantasy author to read, and in the same conversation that he had never read anything by Terry Pratchett. So, he’s getting four Terry Pratchett novels, one for each set of main characters that Pratchett features in his Discworld Series. That leaves Mom. She is, in many ways the toughest one to buy for, but I think I’ve got her gift figured out as well. She has many, many crafting hobbies, and in the past I’ve gotten her various things relating to whatever craft she was playing with at the time. However, her interests change rather quickly, so usually by the time I’ve gotten something for her to use, she’s moved on to a new interest. So, this year, she’s getting a gift certificate to Michaels. That way she can get whatever she’s currently intersted in. I admit that is kind of taking the easy way out, but so far it’s the best I can come up with. So, with all of that decided upon, I should be done picking up the various items by Thursday. I can, for the first time in years just enjoy the rest of the holiday season.

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  1. We have Harry’s things, but I haven’t even STARTED on the rest!

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