Tag me, will ya?

So, my friend Charlie tagged me to reveal five things that my readers may, or may not know about me. She apparently thinks I’m suffering from writers block. When I first read her gentle prodding toward self reveleation I was tempted to play it for laughs and simply point out that there are not, in fact, five interesting things to reveal about myself. Well, not five things I think are interesting anyway. However, the challenge seemed to burrow it’s way into my subconscious. I found myself thinking about it last night, and while at work today. So, here goes:

1. I was once a card carrying member of the Republican National Party. Those of you who know me now, know that I can’t stand the republican party, and I have great disdain for the current occupant of the Oval Office. But many years ago, before I was so thoroughly disillusioned, I was a proud member of the Reagan Revolution. Hell, I was even proud to support the first George Bush to sit in the Oval Office. Of course, I was much younger, and much, much dumber then. This was before the Republican party had sold it’s soul to the ultra right wing wackos.
…..I guess I should be clear and state I’m no great fan of the national Democratic party either, but I do not feel the same contempt for it as I do for the Republicans.

2. I’m a recovering drunk. I’ve been sober for over 15 years now. I don’t exactly hide this fact, nor do I particularly broadcast it. My drinking problem started in college, and it is one of the main reasons I didn’t finish college. Of course, it’s easier to be a drunk in college, and I really didn’t understand how much of a problem I had until I was out of college and in the “real world”. One cannot blow off a job that requires you to be at work at 8:00AM the way one can blow off an 8:00 class. It soon became very clear I had a problem, and that I needed to make a change. Thanks to the love and support of some very good people, divine assistance, and the help of some complete strangers, I was able to change. Wasn’t particularly easy, but I was able to do it. It’s one of the very few thigs in my life I’m genuinely proud of.
…..the nasty part of that secret though, is that sometimes I still miss it. I don’t mean I crave booze, or anthing like that. I miss the rather pleasantly buzzed feeling that came before the full drunk. The fun, I like everyone feeling that I’d have before I drank one (or more likely 1o) to many and becaming a raving jackass to everybody. I certainly don’ t miss the hangovers. I don’t miss the feeling of waking up and trying to figure out who I got the stitches in my arm, the bruises on face, and who I had to apologize to. No, I don’t miss any of that. But I do miss, sometimes (not often, but sometimes) that warm, happy buzz that a couple of cold beers after a long day can create. Fortunately I’ve been able to figure out how to generate that warm, happy feeling in other ways. .

3. While I don’t follow any particular religious practice, and am not a member of any church, I do, firmly believe in reincarnation. I do believe there is a …call it a Divine Force. Call it what you will, God, Allah, whatever, I believe there is a divine force that caused the creation of the universe. I can’t believe that such a force would only give us one chance to get it right and if we failed to do so would curse us to eternal torment. I believe the soul evolves from lifetime to lifetime.
…..and the other part of that revelation is that I think anybody that is actually making money from helping others remember “past lives”, etc.etc is a fraud and is taking money from clueless twits.

4. There are two….well, I guess they would best be described as motto’s (I think I missspelled that) that guide my life:
A.Motto 1: “If you can make another laugh, you have made the world a better place.”
B. Motto 2: “Sometimes it’s better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness” (shamelessly stolen from my favorite author, Terry Pratchet)

5. My two favorite musicals of all time are “Paint Your Wagon” and “Tommy”. Tina Turner is the one and only Acid Queen, and Lee Marvin can actually sing better than Clint Eastwood.

Ok, that’s my five. I hereby tag Sarah and Kat .


Differently Normal

I’ll get to the meaning of the title, eventually.

So, do you hear them? In the distance to you hear the drums? The bag pipes? The muffled and not so muffled curses as somebody misses the tent stake with the mallet and pounds their toe instead? (Please, please, don’t tell me I’m the only one that has ever done that. Please). Gulf Wars is now less than five weeks away, and by all gods great and small, I am ready for it.

To be clear, I’m not packed. My household and I have not reorganized our trailer yet. I’m not totally sure how I’m going to pay for it all. But these are all minor concerns. I’ll get that all done, and figure all that out.

I am ready to spend a week outside of the mundane world. I am ready to spend a week with people I trust. Hell, even the very few SCA people that I don’t actually like, I trust. Well, trust more than I trust most people in the mundane world. I’m ready to spend the week working with friends. Meeting new friends. I’m ready to spend a week laughing at the stories I hear, and making other people laugh with the stories I tell. Oh gods yes, I’m ready.

Now, time to explain the title. While driving home from that place they have to pay me to go for 8 hours a day I was listening to an NPR news show. I freely admit I wasn’t paying that much attention (My mind was on other things; mainly it was on how ready I am for Gulf Wars), so I really don’t know what the story was about but the person being interviewed made this quote, “These people are not really strange, they are just differently normal”. What a perfect phrase to describe the SCA.

In the mundane world, the value SCA members put on honor, chivalry, polite and courteous behavior is considered kind of strange. In the mundane world the thought of putting on armor and beating each other is considered strange. In the mundane world the thought of leaving very expensive cameras, or for that matter any kind of valuable in a campground surrounded by three to five thousand other people in a tent unguarded is considered bloody strange. However, in our world, all of these things are perfectly normal. So, we are not strange, we are “differently normal”. I like being different.


Keeping Promises

Ok, so it’s been a while.

Ok, so it’s been a long while.

I admit, freely, that I’ve taken slightly over a month and half off from the blogging efforts. On the day before Christmas I loaded World of Warcraft on my computer, and…and…and I’ve been somewhat distracted ever since. I ask the forgiveness of my regular readers, if there are any left.

I particularly ask the forgiveness of Miriel. I had promised her three ago that I would make a post, and I didn’t do so. I don’t like not keeping promises that I’ve made. It gnaws at me. So, Miriel, I most humbly ask for your forgiveness.

I will skip the long boring recitation of the facts of the month of January and the first part of February, because, quite frankly, I was not doing a great deal other than playing the game. If any of you want, I can, and will gladly wax poetic about the game itself, for it is really rather unique. No, what I will do, instead, is make it clear that I’m back, I’ve regained my sense of discipline, and I will be making regular posts again from this point on.