Differently Normal

I’ll get to the meaning of the title, eventually.

So, do you hear them? In the distance to you hear the drums? The bag pipes? The muffled and not so muffled curses as somebody misses the tent stake with the mallet and pounds their toe instead? (Please, please, don’t tell me I’m the only one that has ever done that. Please). Gulf Wars is now less than five weeks away, and by all gods great and small, I am ready for it.

To be clear, I’m not packed. My household and I have not reorganized our trailer yet. I’m not totally sure how I’m going to pay for it all. But these are all minor concerns. I’ll get that all done, and figure all that out.

I am ready to spend a week outside of the mundane world. I am ready to spend a week with people I trust. Hell, even the very few SCA people that I don’t actually like, I trust. Well, trust more than I trust most people in the mundane world. I’m ready to spend the week working with friends. Meeting new friends. I’m ready to spend a week laughing at the stories I hear, and making other people laugh with the stories I tell. Oh gods yes, I’m ready.

Now, time to explain the title. While driving home from that place they have to pay me to go for 8 hours a day I was listening to an NPR news show. I freely admit I wasn’t paying that much attention (My mind was on other things; mainly it was on how ready I am for Gulf Wars), so I really don’t know what the story was about but the person being interviewed made this quote, “These people are not really strange, they are just differently normal”. What a perfect phrase to describe the SCA.

In the mundane world, the value SCA members put on honor, chivalry, polite and courteous behavior is considered kind of strange. In the mundane world the thought of putting on armor and beating each other is considered strange. In the mundane world the thought of leaving very expensive cameras, or for that matter any kind of valuable in a campground surrounded by three to five thousand other people in a tent unguarded is considered bloody strange. However, in our world, all of these things are perfectly normal. So, we are not strange, we are “differently normal”. I like being different.


3 Responses

  1. Hey — some of us like the name “strange,” thank you very much!

  2. I am actually really, really excited about GW for the first time in YEARS.

  3. I’m way more excited about it than I was last year. I think it’s because I finally managed that big “shift in perspective” that I’ve felt coming.

    I feel ya!

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