I think the tide has turned…

Tonight has been kind of a strange night.

For the first time since the day before Christmas I haven’t had the urge to log into the game world of Warcraft. I had no desire to spend hours in that alternate world, slaying mythical monsters and pursuing endless quests.

Nope, I wanted to spend tonight in the real world. Well, as real as my world gets, any way. I wanted to work the reservations for Coronation (Only 19 feast spaces left, send your reservations as soon if you want feast). I wanted to work on making jewelery, something I haven’t had much interest in for a very long time. I wanted to make a list of all the SCA  projects I want to work on in the very near future.   I wanted to chat with friends on line.

In short I wanted to plunge back into the real world. I’m not sure why, but I think I’ve been kind of hiding for the last few months. I can’t claim I was hiding from anything specific, no great trauma I was avoiding, etc. I wasn’t burnt out, at least not that I could claim I was aware of.  But as I sat here pondering what to write about tonight the feeling came to me that I was sick of hiding, and didn’t feel like doing it any more.

So, after work I performed my duty as deputy seneschal and went by the baronial post office box to pick up the mail, which was mostly reservations for Coronation. In case you missed it in the paragraph above we’ve got 19 feast spaces left folks. Baroness Vashti is going to be cooking an excellent feast so if you want space get me your reservation quickly.  A bit later in the afternoon I went to Millington to go over some stuff with Gresch, the coronation Autocrat ( I know there’s a movement in the Society to use the term “Event Steward”, but I like the term Autocrat). We went over the schedule, etc. Now I have the almost god like power to decide who is going to be bunking next to each other. As I told Charlie earlier tonight this could get entertaining. It could also get me killed. It might even get me killed in some interestingly entertaining ways. We went out to dinner at what is quite possibly the worst Pizza Hut restaurant in the universe. The service sucked, the pizza was greasy, but the laughter and friendship were pleasant.
After getting home I listened to a couple of hours of the Dropkick Murphys (Irish punk rock, with bagpipes!), chatted on line, and worked on a necklace in the Gleann Abhann colors. Over the last few months I’d given away all my jewelery, and I’ve found some different patterns I want to try. This necklace I’m making tonight is just  a way to tune up some skills that had become rusty after three months of not playing with metal wire. I won’t get it done tonight, but I don’t really care.  I’ve accomplished something more tonight than moving a fictional character around a fictional universe. It’s a good feeling.

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  1. The Dropkick Murphys… THAT’s the group I was trying to remember Saturday night!

    And Paul sez Korn does a lot of pipe stuff, too. Odd.

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