Spring Time Sunday Morning

Ok, this was supposed to have been posted yesterday, but I apprelty hit “save” instead of  “publish”.

I just realized that since I started blogging again on a semi regular basis that I am no longer starting my posts with a quote from a song. I may have to get back to doing that.

Well, it’s Sunday morning. Technically, it is afternoon (12:19 PM) but since I’ve only been awake a couple of hours it is still “morning” as far as I’m concerned. My last post was Wednesday, I think, and the rest of the week was pretty good. There is not really much to write about Thursday and Friday, so we’ll skip to Saturday.

Saturday was the day of the Barony’s annual Theign and Acanthus event. This is a one day, “unofficial” event. Unofficial in the sense that it doesn’t get listed on the kingdom calendar, there is no admission cost, and the meal is a pot luck affair. There is an Arts & Sciences competition and the Theign Tournament. The winnner of the Theign tournament is not necessarily the person chosen to be Theign, that honor is determined by the Baron and by the gallery of ladies watching the tournament. They choose the fighter that best displays the characteristics of honor, respect, prowress, chivalrous behavior, etc. etc. By the rules of the tournament a member of the chivalry cannot be chosen as Theign. The Acanthus competition requires only minimal doccumentation, and the Acanthus, like the Theign, cannot be won by a Laurel (which is good because none of the Grey Niche laurels bothered to show up yesterday, and of the entries, only one was by a belted apprentice). The competitions are designed to encourage people, to inspire them.

This year Theign and Acanthus was held at a new site, a Millington city park very close to the Navy Base. The site was quite pleasant: nice pavillion, clean restrooms, plenty of parking, and we had the park to ourselves. I didn’t see anyone else in the park all day. There were about 65 people that attended. Eight fighters took part in the tournament and at the end of it the position of Theign was taken by Lord Caedmon of Jorvik (I think I spelled that correctly). There were six or seven A&S entries in the Acanthus competition. I particularly liked the point Charlie was trying to make with her entry. No laurels bothered to show up so the competition was judged by Her Majesty Linnet along with Mistress Jane Beaumont and Dame Brenna. Marisa was chosen to be Acanthus due to her very tasty recreation of a period recipe for roasted chicken.

The day was pleasant, cool, but not cold. The rain held off until after the tournament, and when it did fall, we were all able to stay dry in the pavillion. There was a LOT of food, and soon to be Sir Luther manned the grill all morning. Since I’m not a fighter, nor one that enters A&S competitions, I spent the day doing what I enjoy most: talking with friends. Ancyra reminded me to send her my SCA resume for the deputy Chamberlain job I’m interested in. Charlie and I spent a lot of time talking and making plans for upcoming events. THanks to Gresch, Charlie is apparently making plans to use me for an archery target. I think I managed to talk her out of that. I hope so, she’s a pretty good thought. I also talked with several other people about various projects I plan to be working on the coming months. I’m going to be busy, and I like it that way.

After the day in the park a bunch of us gathered at Gresch and Ree’s house for the rest of the day and evening. Turlaugh, Ulfrun and her son Hakon, Jakob, Brenna, Padruig and Linnet, Diego and Lindsay were all there. Padruig brought some truly delicious barbeque, and as usual at their home there was enough food to feed a small army. We talked and laughed until late in the evening. Very late in the evening. I managed to finish the belt I was working on for my soon to be protege sister, and it met the approval of my peer, so that is good. Linnet and I also discussed an event idea we want to do. She wants to autocrat Beltaine 2008 afer she steps down as queen, and has an idea for a really cool event. It will take a lot of preparation, and I’m going to be her co-autocrat (well I will be assuming she gets the bid). We need to find a feastocrat, and a couple of other staff people, but I’m confident we can do that without to much trouble. I’ll post more about that later, as the project develops.

All in all, it was a truly wonderful day. Ulfrun and William of Glenn Lyon did a great job running the event. I was particularly impressed since it was the first time running an event for both of them. I shouldn’t have been because they have both demonstrated over and over that they work their butts off at events. I was with my friends, both at the event and afterward, and I came home very, very tired, but also feeling recharged. Revitalized. Happy, very, very happy. I hope all that read this had as good a day as I did.


3 Responses

  1. I thought my documentation was superb for my entry. 🙂 And a point well made, even if I didn’t win. haha! At least, I had EVERYONE talking about it!

    What other staff folks do you guys need for the Potential 2008 Bid? Anything I might be interested in?

  2. And I NEVER once said I was going to use you as a target. I only pointed out my abilities. 🙂

  3. Oh, did I hear you needed a feastcrat?

    Oooh! Oooh!


    (tries to sit on hands before they fly in the air, miss, fall on butt)

    *(note: need more butt padding)

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