Serving Time

I feel like I’m serving time, just waiting for the weekend.¬† My work week has not been bad by any means. Nor has it been particularly good, it’s just…kind of there. I’m ready for it to be over, but then I was ready for it to be over about 8:00 AM Monday morning.
So far the highlight of the week has been the SCA Business meeting last night. Those that read this that are familiar with SCA business meetings will recognize how surprsing that statement truly is. Usualy business meetings are about as much fun as attempting to herd particularly psychotic cats (of course I’m of the belief all cats are psychotic, but I digress). A lot got accomplished last night. Turlough caused several dozen jaws to drop by announcing that after eight years as Grey Niche’s Sheriff he was stepping down. That’s right, the man famouns for working troll from open to close is stepping down. The gods know he has earned the right, and he will probably still work a shift or two at troll, but he won’t be working ALL troll shifts any more.
I submitted my bid for Candlemas ’08. I’ve never done a class intensive event before, so I’m looking forward to it. Marisa is going to be the autocrat, and Miriel has agreed to be the classocrat. The theme, assuming I get the event, will be “A Day In The Life Of The Middle Ages”, and in addition to the martial track of classes, I’d like most of the classes to be about the day to day arts and sciences of the period. The things that made daily life possible, not necessarily about the merely decorative arts. I’m probably not explaining that well, but I hope you get the idea. So, any one interested in teaching, please feel free to contact either myself, or the classocrat.
The other event I wrote about¬† in my last post is one that Her Majesty Linnet will be bidding on after she steps down in a few weeks. We made a lot of headway in filling potential staff jobs at that event as well. I hope she gets that bid, it sounds like a fun event. “The Tournament of the Torc”, a weekend of a high tournament, with all the associated pagenty. Classes and A&S competitions in line with the theme.
What else? I guess the other major discussion of the meeting was about setting up a committee to begin working on doing whatever needs to be done to get permanent land status for the Barony at Gulf Wars, and for raising the funds necessary to to build whatever structures need to be built in order to make that happen. That is a committee I hope to serve on.
I guess that’s it for today. Probably as boring as listening to GWB try to speak a clear sentance, but it’s all have today.