What a weekend.

Hmm…something must be seriously wrong. I’ve not posted anything in 12 days and no one has given me any grief over it. Very, very strange.

I could give a rather boring recitation of my activities over the last twelve days, but it would bore you, my beloved readers, and more importantly, it would bore me. Instead, I’m going to tell you about my weekend. The Gleann Abhann Spring Coronation ROCKED!!!!

Before I get to the actual event I want to spend a little time talking about the job of reservation steward for SCA events. In the last few years I’ve had the great honor of being the autocrat for four events, co-autocrat for one, and I’m currently planning on autocratting Candlemas ’08, and if we get the bid co-autocratting Beltaine ’08 with my peer, Duchess Linnet. At all of the events I’ve autocratted I’ve been blessed with a staff that quite literally worked various pieces of their anatomies off. Their hard work made it easy for me as an autocrat. Until this event, Spring Coronation, I had never served as the reservation steward, or resocrat if you prefer. My gods (all  of them) I had no idea how hard a job that is. I’m seriously considering sending a dozen roses to all the people that have served as reservation stewards for me. It was unbelievable, and since it was my first time to do the job, I screwed some things up. Nothing to serious, and the problems were rather easily fixed. I’ll know more, and do a better job at Orc Wars this fall. I’ve already committed to the autocrat of that event to handle reservations for her, and after that I will never volunteer to do that particular job again. I’d rather wash porta potties with a tooth brush. Just not my toothbrush, you understand. I urge all of you that read this that have been an autocrat at an SCA event to go find the people that handled your reservations and thank them. I know I’ll be doing so.

So, moving on to discussing the event…..

We hit the road south at 9:00 AM, after picking up several coolers full of feast materials from Mistress Vashti, and headed to the site, which is between Jackson and Vicksburg MS. No problems on the drive down, but as we prepared to turn left onto Berrry road, a turn specified in the directions, a rather large sign said “Bridge Washed Out”. This was enough to make various orrifices pucker in all three vehicles of our little caravan. Fortunately a quick call to the camp provided alternate directions, and we got to site without any more problems.

For those that have not yet seen the HS Jacobs Camp I can only describe it as the most perfect SCA site I’ve ever seen.  The dorm style cabins are comfortable, clean, relatively new, and air conditioned. The semi private rooms and private rooms are truly great, and of course they all were sold out very, very quickly. However, what makes the site truly nice from an SCA point of view is the feast hall. The hall is divided into to large rooms separated by a covered breezeway. Though the two events that have already been held there limited their feasts to 150 people the dining hall could easily sit 300. The kitchen is incredible; the various feastocrats I’ve talked to all loved  the kitchen. The hall where court is held is just across the breezeway and could sit a couple of hundred easily. It is so nice to have the two rooms because it means you don’ t have to tear down court to set up for feast. You don’t have to tear down the tables from feast to set up for the ball, etc. etc. You set up your feast gear, meander over to the court hall, sit court, then meander back across the breezeway for feast. Of course, it is necessary to tear down the chairs from court in order to have the ball, but that takes a grand total of maybe ten minutes.

Once we got on site I set out to lable the private and semi private rooms with the names of the people that would be staying in them. I also posted the lists of people that had reserved space in the dorm style cabins, but I kind of wonder why I bothered. There was a lot of switching going on so that folks could bunk with who they wanted to. I think next time I’ll just post a list of the dorm cabins with blank spaces equal to the number of beds in each cabin, and ask people to sign in where they will be staying when they troll in.

People started arriving around 4:00 Pm, and kept arriving in a rather steady stream until we closed troll for the evening at 1:00. I spent the rest of the night in the feast hall in case anyone showed up and needed to know where they were bunking. Only one person did, but I got to spend several hours talking with good friends.  Around 4:00 Am I finally got to go see Luther in his vigil tent and spent a few minutes talking with him.

Saturday was a very, very busy day. I spent a couple of hours back at troll until we closed it down while the step down court of Padruig and Linnet took place. That was…… That was an emotional court. Several awards were given, and seeing the look of joy on people’s faces as they receive an award they didn’t know was coming is always great, even if I don’t know the people receiving the award. When I do know them, it’s just so much more emotional. The shock on Jakob’s face as he recieved his AOA, and the greater shock as he was informed the circlet had been Turlough’s original AOA circlet is a memory I’ll never forget The look of surprise when Lady Caitriona became The Honorable Lady Caitriona was  priceless. The stunned look when Turlough saw that Onyx Chalice the Queen was holding was beyond priceless. However, the most emotional part of the morning came at the end of Padruig and Linnet’s court.
They had called House Beaumont before the thrones to receive the scroll for the Argent Keystone award that House Beaumont had received at Gulf Wars. That particular award is given to a group or household that has done great work for the Kingdom, and house Beaumont, who just happens to be led by a lady I consider  to be a very great friend ( and my emergency backup peer), and just happens to be made up of a lot of folks that I also consider to be very good friends, was the first House to receive that particular award. I was proud of them, of my friends, as they received the scroll that THL Caitriona had painted for them. Then I heard the Queen ask the members of House Beaumont to stand back, and heard her ask the herald to call forth the House of Three Dragons.  I don’t really remember walking up to the royal presence, but our founders, THL Luca, THL Caitriona, and THL Turlough were kneeling in front of the king and queen, and all of the rest of us in rough semi circle behind the founders. The several members of House Beaumont that also happen to be members of House Three  Dragons were still there, and the Three Dragons became the second group or House to receive the Argent Keystone.
In the last five years, since I joined the SCA I’ve have been humbled by every award I’ve ever received. I’ve been proud of every award my friends have received, but I have to say that I have never been more proud, nor more humbled than I was that morning. I was proud of my House, I was proud of my friends. …..Words fail me. I cannot adequately describe what I felt. The scroll that Vicountess Miriel had done was  simply stunning. I can’t imagine how long and hard she had to work on that.

Ok, it’s late, and even though it’s been three days, I’m getting emotional again just thinking about it. I’ll finish posting about the event tomorrow.