Coronation Wrap Up Continued

Shortly after their last piece of cort business, their Majesties died. King Padruig had been attacked three times by various assassins during court, and each time the knights of Gleann Abhann protected him and stopped the attackers. When he realized the knights had done their job Padruig had a heart attack. Queen Linnet died of heartbreak. The reign of the third King and Queen of Gleann Abhann was over.

The step up court of Havordh and Mary Grace was memorable mostly because of Sir Luther’s Knighting ceremony. The words spoken by the members of the various peerages were inspirational, the  presentation of the sword, spurs, and belt were all inspirational, but when the Queen asked, “who has his chain?” and his brother stepped forward and said , “The knight’s chain is a heavy burden, it requires a strong man” I new something truly special was about to happen. Sir Uther then pulled out a heavy gold chain and holding it before Luther said, “this was Sir Lee’s”….I don’t think there was a dry eye in the hall.

After the morning courts the day went quickly. We opened troll again for a couple of hours. I helped getting the  Gleann Abhann Royal Pavilion set up on the fighting field. Helped Linnet decorate the hall for the ball. Something interesting had happened to Linnet; since stepping down as queen she seemed to have more energy than a shrew on speed. She was zipping around everywhere.  I think the term is “happy relief”. Spent most of the afternoon in or around the halls talking with or plotting with people. Quite literally before I knew it the time had come to set up for feast and go to the afternoon court. During afternoon court Viscountess Marion found out she was going to sit vigil in the near future to be elevated to the Laurel and Sarah found out she was going to be doing the same thing for elevation to the Pelican. The reaction of both ladies was memorable. Sarah in particular was gone. Her body kept moving but Sarah was someplace else for several minutes. I woulnd’t have missed that for anything.

After court we had an excellent feast prepared by Mistress Vashti and crew. The lamb stew was particularly  good, but the beef and barley remove was my favorite. During feast several subtleties were presented; the list tree was amazing but the real show stopper was the ram that Lisa had made. Truly a work of art.

After feast I simply hung out and talked to people. Talking to people is what I do best, and what I enjoy most.  Very late that night before finally going to bed I got to spend some time talking with both Jane and Linnet. That was a lot of fun. Gave me some things to think about.

Eventually I went to bed sometime between 1:30 and 2:00 AM. Slept for seven straight hours.  Sunday was clean up and pack out. The process went surprsingly quickly and we were leaving site right at 2:00 pM.   Not bad at all.  As we drove out of the gate I said, “I’m tired, my feet hurt, and  (since I had been sweating heavily as we cleaned up, it’s a fat guy thing) I stink”. Before I could say another word, Turlough said, “yeah, another great weekend, another great event in bag.”

It was a great weekend.