Small Steps…

Hmmm… By my count it’s been 9 days since my last blog post. Apparently ending my World of Warcraft account didn’t do as much to increase my blog posts as I thought it would . Oh well, you live and learn. Well, as I think back over the last nine days I have to ask; where to start?  That’s obvious, let’s start with a musical interlude…..

“Could you get behind a slow marching band?
And join together in the passing
of all we shared through yesterdays
in sorrows neverlasting.”

It dawns on me that I listen to some really depressing music. I wonder why that is? I shall have to ponder that.

So, what has changed in the last nine days? Let’s see, let’s see…. I am slowly making progress on  losing weight. I’ve not started exercising yet, but I have successfully done three things:
1. over the last three weeks I have managed to stp buying any snacks from the vending machines at work. Also, when stopping for my daily diet coke on the way to work I’ve stopped buying the Snickers bar that I usually bought along with it.
2. I’ve significantly cut down the number of meals I am eating at restaurants. I was eating out three or for times a week, and that was usually at buffet restaurants where I would really, seriously over eat. In the last nine days I’ve eaten at restaurants only twice, and only one of those was a buffet (where for perhaps the first time in my life I made only one trip through the buffet line.
3. I have forced myself to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. This may be the most significant change because I really, really can’t stand the taste of water. In the world of Cormac, if the gods wanted their children they would have made it brown, full of caffeine, and preferably carbonated. But every doctor, nutritionist, etc, etc. stresses how important it is to drink water. So, I drink it. I don’t like it, but I drink it. As a result, I’m also drinking fewer diet cokes every day. I don’t drink diet coke because it’s a diet beverage, I drink it because regular coke is so sweet it could choke a goat. Before forcing myself to drink all the water I was routinely drinking six to eight 20 oz bottles of diet coke a day. Not as easy to do when you are choking down all that water every day.

I realize that those three things are not huge changes. I realize they are not even very big accomplishments, but it’s a start. A small start I grant you, but long journeys are made from a small start.

The Grey Niche Permanent Land Committee had a rather productive meeting last Monday. We mostly discussed the plans for our upcoming fundraising party: The PLCS Swamp Combat Seminar and Grilling Symposium. THat is a day long picnic at the St. Columba Confrence Center in Bartlett. There will be fighting, there will be grilling (bring your own meat and we’ll cook it for you, or hot dogs and hamburgers will be available for a small donation),  there will be a huge mud pit for all of us to play in (that would be the swamp mentioned in the party title). All of this is happening on June 30. Hope you can all come by and have fun.
After the meeting the parking lot conversation with Dame Brenna and Sir Rey was particularly interesting. Over the last year or so I’ve spent a lot of time with Brenna but I’d never really had a chance to talk seriously with Sir Rey, and I really enjoyed the conversation.

Last Tuesday was the A&S class that was supposed to be a discussion on the Dialogue of Chivalry led by Sandy. The discussion was, in my mind anyway, mostly enjoyable. Some people I think got their feelings a bit ruffled, but I thought it was a very good class. I enjoyed the discussion, but I wish it had stayed more on track with what is discussed n the Dialogue. Since a friend  recommended I read that particular essay about three years ago I have gone back and read it again about every two months. You could say, truthfully, that it has had a rather large influence on me.

The rest of the week was just work. Nothing particularly exciting there, nor anything interesting so we’ll skip it.

Just over a year ago I got interested  making jewelry. Specifically I wanted to learn how to make those cool chains that the fighters in the Gleann Abhann army wear at Gulf Wars. That’s what started my interest. Since then I’ve experimented with it from time to time, but then something else would come along and grab my interest and I’d put down all the jewelry stuff for months at a time. A month ago I started playing with it, and I have to admit I’m rediculously pleased with the chains I’ve produced the last couple of weeks. Mostly I’ve kept them at bracelet length, but I’ve been working with copper and brass wire, and I’m really enjoying myself. I know that compared to some of the art work produced by SCA members these are nothing special. But it’s the only type of …..I guess you could call it a craft, that I’ve ever maintained an interest in. I can’t draw, pain, calig, sew, do leatherwork, etc, etc, but I enjoy this. Sure, it can get boring wrapping the wire on the mandrel to form the rings, and then cutting all the rings, opening all of them…but it is such repetitive work that after a while the boredom fades as my find focuses drifts and I find myself thinking on something else. My hands are occupied, by my mind is thinking over some issue or concern and the time literally flies away. I like that. I need that.

Lots of other stuff to write about, upcoming events, projects, etc, but it’s late. I think I’ll sign off at this point.


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  1. Three words:


    Even the stuff about death is uplifting.

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