Friday Evening.

“The sirens are screaming and the fires are howling,
way down in the valley tonight,
There’s a man in the shadows with a gun in his eye,
and a blade shining oh so bright.
There’s evil in the air and there’s thunder in sky,
and A killer’s on the bloodshot streets.
Oh and down in the tunnel where the deadly are rising,
Oh I swear I saw a young boy down in the gutter,
He was starting to foam in the heat.”

I admit, like any person of my generation I like Meatloaf. In fact I probably like his music more than most, and the album Bat Out of Hell, when I rediscovered it as a junior in high school truly helped me through some rough times. But I’ve had the song fragment quoted above running through my head for the last six hours at work. Rather distracting. After the first couple of hours I gave up trying to remember the rest of the lyrics because I knew as soon as I got home I’d look them up on (one of my favorite websites, by the way). So, instead of trying to remember the rest of the lyrics, I started trying to convert Bat Out of Hell into a SCA Filk. Here’s what I got accomplished between talking with those attempting to avoid paying their student loans ….
“The squires are screaming in the fires of battle,
and way down on the field tonight,
There’s a knight in blue, with a sword in his hand,
and a helmet shinining oh so bright.
There’s arrows in the air, and rain in the sky,
and the king is on the mud splattered field.
Down at the rezz point where the dead are rising,
I swear I saw a marshal down on his knees,
He was starting to swear at the melee…..”

Here ends Cormac’s attempt to write a filk….

In other news it’s been a busy, and expensive week.  Monday night I had dinner with Luca and Anne to discuss Luca’s upcoming event; Ork Wars ’07. That was a particularly productive evening, and I think the event itself is going to be a good time.
I missed the SCA meeting Tuesday because I was scheduled to work that night.  That’s the first business meeting I’ve missed in quite a long time. I continually tell people, tell newcomers to the SCA to not judge Grey Niche by our Business Meetings, so I don’t really mind the fact that I missed it.
Wednesday was the start of the expensive part of the week. First up was paying the renewal fee for my car tags. That was 75.00  I would have much rather spent in other ways. Another 35.00 frigging dollars filled my gas tank. Later that night I forked over the 65.00 that was my part of getting the AC in the house fixed (didn’t mind that at all. I LIKE air conditioning).
Thursday morning I mailed off the check to reserve the St. Columba Confrence Center for the Swamp Combat Seminar and Grilling Symposium next weekend. Then I got to spend a little money on something fun: I ordered six hundred feet of variously colored aluminum wire. It amazes me how much fun I’ve been having learning how to make these different kinds of jewelry chains. I’ve never been one to enjoy any  type of craft. I don’t have an artistic bone in my oversized body, but I’m having fun. The people I’ve showed them too seem to like them. Now I just have to wait for my wire to get here; should be sometime Tuesday.
What else? Right now a whole bunch of my friends are gathering in Louisiana for Birthday Bash. Right now, as I type this, my friends are hanging out, talking, and enjoying each other’s company. I wish I was there. I truly wanted to see Sarah’s elevation, and I think there’s going to be a rather important thing happen for another friend of mine. I hate that I’m missing it, but the mundane world demands my presence at work tomorrow morning. I need to win the lottery so such concerns will not trouble me any more.

Ok, that’s enough for tonight. I’m going to go twist some rings.


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