Long day at the office…

Today was a very long day. Twelve hours spent sitting in an uncomfortable chair at an uncomfortable desk calling people that are not paying their student loans. It was NOT a good day. However, in the attempt to be honest and take responsibility, I must state that the long day was entirely my fault; I kind of forgot to make up some hours earlier this week.  Specifically some people realized I had not worked five hours last Saturday, as I was supposed to and therefore I had to make up those five hours between today and tomorrow. Since I’d much rather get out of work as early as possible on Friday, I decided to make up the greater part of the time today.
During the course of the day I came to several realizations:
1. Based on the names they give their children there are a whole lot of people that obviously hate those children. I see a wide variety of odd names every day. Names that make me go, “what the hell were their parents thinking?” just about every day. However today I saw a couple of true mind boglers: Needa Schitz and (the real winner) Chastity Cummings. Now I remember I remember jr high and highschool all to well , and I can only shudder when I think of what those two poor people must have endured in the way of teasing from their classmates.
2.  One should neve, ever, underestimate the ability of deliberate human stupidity to explain just about anything.  I collect student loan debt. That means that these people I’m calling have spent at least a little time in college. In many cases they have graduated from college. You would think, at least I would that they would be able to understand that “borrowing money”, what you do when you sign a contract for a “student loan” means that they do, in fact, have to repay that money.
3.  A surprisingly large percentage of the population that does owe debts can’t seem to understand that a debt collector is not a “customer service” employee. Further, they can’t understand that they are not my customer, they are the people that owe my customer money. Yelling at me, suggesting I perform anatomical improbabilities, etc. are not going to make me stop. I’m not customer service, I don’t have to make you happy. You are not my customer.
Now, I know everyone has rough times, and most people get behind on their payments on things at one time or another. Hell, I’ve been there myself. However, I worked very hard to get my bills paid.  I’ve taken absolutely lousy jobs at one time or another because any job was better than being unemployed.  I honestly don’t have any problems working with and helping people that are genuinely facing hard times.  I have issues with the people that are working, but not paying their student loans because they went on vacation, or bought a better car, etc. Further, I know that in my line of work a lot of people are going to be rude to me, and a lot of people are going to lie to me. I don’t mind it, unless they do it badly. Like the guy that owed my client about 5,000.00 that I called AT WORK, the guy who’s secretary transfered the call to him, the guy who, when I explained who I was, and why I was calling said, “you know, I’d like to pay that but I’m unemployed at this time”.
“Really? Have you been let go in the last ten seconds? Might I suggest that you consider the location I had to call you at since you never answer your phone at home”, I asked.
“Oh, I guess that is not going to work this time, is it?”, he asked.
“No sir, it’s not’, was my reply.
If your going to lie to somebody, could you at least try to be good at it?

In the words of Porky Pig, “That’s All Folks!!”


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