Sunday Evening.

Last Thursday night I wrote two, count them two, posts, and for some reason the posts got eaten. They disappeared into the great nowhere that is cyber space. I was not happy.

So, not a great deal has been going on in my life since my last post. Mainly I’ve just been trying to deal with the incredibly hot weather. For those of you not blessed/cursed to be living in Memphis, or indeed the southeast in general, it has been DAMN HOT for the last three weeks. I mean offensively hot. The kind of hot that when you walk outside the temperature literally takes your breath way. Anyone that knows me knows that I sweat a lot. The last three weeks or so I have discovered that I actually suffer from PSS: That would be Projectile Sweating Syndrome. I can literally walk outside and after thirty seconds I can hit sparrow in flight from a distance of twenty yards with a droplet of sweat. Not a particularly useful skill, I know, but it’s one of the few skills I can name.

I spent this weekend at Aphar Faire, and absolutely wonderful event hosted by the good folks of Shire Lagerdamm. This was a new experience, as I had never before had the opportunity to go to a Lagerdamn event, and I have to say I had a ball.
I traveled to the event with Her Highness Kenna and the royal children Allison and Jonathon. I don’t have a lot of experience with small children, but they are great kids. Very polite, very respectful, and a joy to be around. We didn’t stay on site, but stayed at the home of Karis and Kohlr ( I truly hope I spelled that right). I didn’t know them until this weekend but they are incredibly friendly, welcoming people. Their home is a very pleasant, beautiful place in the country side outside of Conway Arkansas.
Saturday morning we got to the event site around 9:30 A.M. We quickly got the Royal Thrones set up and went about enjoying the day. I guess there were roughly a hundred people on site. There were not many fighters, so the tournament was over before I had a chance to see it. I did attend Her Majesty’s class, and taped it for Linnet. I also listed to the round table discussion on Arts and Sciences documentation. I even asked a couple of relatively on topic questions. I impressed myself.
Court was held outside under a covered pavilion. The highlight of court was seeing Elena get her court barony. She was…..shocked doesn’t even begin to cover her reaction. Stunned, elated, disbelieving. That announcement was the first time I have ever seen a standing ovation in a Royal Court. There were also a couple of AOA’s given out, and Sir Leto received a Silver Ram.
I didn’t eat feast but all reports say it was a truly wonderful meal. Near the end of the day, the last couple of hours before we left site there was a bardic circle held in the main hall. Stu performed several pieces, including his famous (infamous) Squire’s Song. Her Highness Kenna sang a truly wonderful song called “The Fruit of the Yew”. A lady who I had never heard before, and who’s name I never heard sang a haunting and beautiful song about being far from home. It was truly a great time.
We left site about 9:00 PM and went back to Karis and Kohlr’s. I don’t know how late the other’s stayed up talking but I took a shower and hit the sack pretty early. I hadn’t really done much activity during the day but I was really worn out. It was the first shower I’d taken in a VERY long time that did not include any hot water.
This morning Karis made french toast for breakfast, and more importantly a pot of very good coffee. We talked and socialized for a while. We left their house at 12:15 and got some lunch before leaving Conway. The drive home was full of good conversation. The time literally flew by. Eventually I was home, the laundry was started, and I took a nap. Another great weekend in the history books.