Friday Evening

So, it’s 10:00 Friday evening, and I got off work at 9:00 PM. Not a bad time to get off work, I know, but not a particularly pleasant one either. What is, truly, unpleasant, is the fact that I have to be back at work at the ungodly early hour of 7:00 AM tomorrow. That means that I have to be awake for god’s sake at 6:00 AM. I’m fairly sure such a requirement, on a Saturday, violates the teachings of several world religions. I KNOW it violates my definitions of right and wrong.
Ok, I know I shouldn’t complain. I have a job that I’m somewhat good at.  My working conditions are not unpleasant (my company will never be featured on “Dirty Jobs”), and while I wouldn’t associate without most of the people I work with unless I was getting paid, they are not actually evil. But still? Saturday’s were made for sleeping late.


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