Pleasant conversation.

Not a great deal to update since my last post. Just working, and waiting for the weekend. I did have a rather pleasant, and rather long conversation with my sister Kris last night. We normally talk for 15-20 minutes every other week or so, but last night we ended up talking for almost three hours. We hadn’t done that in a very, very long time.
I guess I should admit that for most of her life I was not a very good brother to her. In fact she and I didn’t begin to form a close relationship until I moved out of the house to go to college. Over the years since we have continued to grow closer, to truly become friends. True, she doesn’t understand some of the choices I have made, and I don’t understand some of the choices she has made, but that’s ok, we respect each other.

We talked about a lot of subjects: the current status of our lives, or memories of different events (both good and bad) when we were younger, major goals and drives, plans for the upcoming holiday. Just as an aside, I can’t frigging believe it is late enough in the year to start making plans for “the Holidays”. It was interesting to hear her memories of different things, different events. We were talking about the same event, but we both remembered it very, very differently. Our perceptions were so different. Although our perceptions were different, both of us were, for lack of a better word, “right”.  I say that because I truly believe that our perception defines our reality.  So, in her perception that trip we made on a vacation when I was 16 and she was eleven was really rather boring. For me that same trip in my perception was lot of fun.

It goes deeper than that though. Our self perception defines our reality, often in ways that we never think about. ……

I had planned a really long exploration of the way self perception can affect each and every one of us, but it’s late, and I’ve got to get up early. I’ll return to this subject again soon.


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