I’m Done

It is Saturday, and I am done.

I am done with a week that has been long and not particularly pleasant. Not bad, exactly, but just not very good. True, I did have a rather excellent conversation with my sister earlier in the week, and several good conversations with other good friends, but these were the highlights of the week. The rest of the week was ….long, not very productive, and just not very pleasant. I’m glad it’s over.

After the last several hours I am done (temporarily) working on the reservations for Ork Wars. This is the second time that I’ve worked as a reservation steward for an event, and I learned rather a great deal the first time I did it. I think, I’m know, my paperwork is better organized this time. I know that because I’ve spent the last five hours checking the reservation forms line by line and correcting any problems. Then I double checked. Then, just to be safe, I triple checked them. I’ll check them again Monday and Wednesday after I check the baronial mailbox for late reservations, but for tonight I’m done.

I am also done metaphorically pounding my head against a couple of brick walls.

I’m guessing that last statement is going to need a bit of explanation isn’t it? It may take a while, but I’ll try.

Wall1: Location of Grey Niche Events
Ork Wars is going to be held at a site just outside of Utica Mississippi. This is, of course, a rather significant distance from our local event sites. Now, I know some people have been talking and posting to email lists about how much they don’t like having to drive so far for a “local” event. Of course, these people, who are not people that actually come to meetings, or negotiate contracts with site owners, have not ever actually been to the new site, and don’t have any idea what it’s like. Nor do they seem to understand that other groups in our kingdom routinely travel a great distance for their “local events”. They seem to think that as members of Grey Niche, they should be able to have events in their own back yard.
The plain and simple fact is that the Shelby Forest group camps have deteriorated seriously. The Cabins at the Mississippi Group Camps have ALL been condemned. The upkeep of the cabins at the Peirsol group camp has also been cut back significantly. Further, the contract for renting the group camps now specify that there is NO tenting on group camps. That’s in the contract.
The second fact is that there are still a minimum of three Grey Niche Events each year that are local. These events are called Lugh, Theign and Acanthus, Candlemass, and the Baronial Christmas Party. I find it odd that those that seem to be complaining the most about moving Samhain didn’t attend most of those local events either.
I’ve tried to explain to the people that are not happy with moving the location of Samhain why it is a good thing. Tried to explain the benefits of the new site (which is, quite frankly one of the nicest SCA sites I’ve ever seen). I’ve spent a great deal of time trying to address these people’s concerns.
I should point out that the complainers are most definitely a minority. Most people are at least willing to visit the site and support the group. Most of the group that have actually been to the site love it. So, I’m done. I’m done trying to convince the few. Fact is nothing will convince them anyway, so from this point forward my response to those that complain will be, “Sorry to hear that. We’ll have fun without you.”

Wall 2: Changing Friendship
This is somewhat related to the first wall, but one of the people complaing most vocally (at least on an email list I was subscribed to) is a person that I consider a friend. However, I now realize that this person doesn’t believe me, doesn’t trust me, and for reason’s I don’t understand, never will. I further understand that I am no longer willing to put the effort into changing this person’s mind about a lot of things. I can no longer continue to accept the casual insults, the allegations of being a liar, etc. I am not angry, really, I am just done. I’m done defending myself and my friends to this person. I’m done trying to make this person realize that the world is not out to persecute them. I am going to focus my time on people that do believe me and trust me. I wish this person well, but I am done.

Now, I’m done blogging. Done venting. Thank you for putting up with the venting of my anger. Now, I’m going to make jewelry and watch a taped episode of Heroes .


3 Responses

  1. I hear ya.

    We’re having the same argument in SGB… but it’s more of a “should Diamonds be a Calontiri war?” vs. “should we pay this much for a site that far away when we have a smaller site that’s cheaper closer by” argument. HATE being in the middle of those.

    But I hear you. Having negotiated for sites and traveled the distance, I sure do.

    I’ll keep an eye out for a solution to your case as well. But… maybe in the future, The Taloha Project might be another choice you can use. At just $250 a night, it ain’t bad. And they don’t care if you swim nekkid in the pool.

  2. Utica is 4 hours from me according to GoogleMaps. My poor car doesn’t think of 4-hour trips one way as being “local”.

    I have to admit that the reason we went to Lugh was because it was local. I don’t know anybody, and it’s just awkward for me to go such a long way when I’m so unsure of everything.

    But I’m not complaining, being too far outside the loop to have any right to complain. Just sayin’ I understand the folks who wish it was closer. It sounds like you don’t have much choice, though. If there are no local sites, there are no local sites.

  3. P.S. I’ve just realized this post is old, but I subscribe to a google alert for “grey niche” and this post came through today!

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