They Eyes!, The Eyes!

I’ve been home two days, and I’m  still exhausted. Yep, Ork Wars was a stunning success.Two days and nights of fun, companionship, sleep deprivation, good fun; it rocked.
We arrived on site about 3:00 PM on Friday and I immediately set out to mark all the private rooms. That took about 45 minutes and when  done I got changed into garb and headed up to Troll where I worked until midnight. This was my second time to work as a reservation steward for an event and I learned a LOT the first time. This time the process was a lot smoother. My paperwork was  in much better shape. Hell, Caitriona never even threatened to kill me. Major improvement.
From midnight til about 7:00 AM I was in the feast hall. Theoretically I was there to guide any late arrivals to their bunks, in reality I was there to talk with friends. There was a very small amount of drama that started about 5:00 AM , and took a couple of hours to clear up, but mostly it was a good night.
Saturday was spent mostly just walking around and talking with people. I got to spend some time talking with Gordon and his lovely wife Cerriddyn from Rookshaven. Spent a lot of time talking with Her Excellency Morgana of Axemore, and that is always a particular pleasure. She is one very, very classy lady. At lunch I attended a meeting that included my Baron, Padruig, Lass, Dia and Hrothgar, the Baron of Small Grey Bear. We talked about our respective Gulf Wars camps.
The other highlight of Saturday was the eyes. All the eyes. You see, I have a rather severe phobia about eye injuries. I can watch the most violent slasher movies and not be bothered at all until an injury occurs to somone’s eye. I can’t watch someone put in their contacts because it involves them touching their eyball!!!! . Of course I am not at all reserved about this and therefore most of my friends know about it. So, all day long Saturday people that were wearing freaky, Halloween inspired contacts made a point of coming by and talking to me. Sooner or later I’d notice their damn eyes and freak out. Charlie was probably the worst/best. She was wearing some kind of contact that made it look like her eyes were full of blood. Then to make it even better she handed me a small jar filled with rubber balls that had been painted to look like eyes and said, “Just remember, I’ve got my eyes on you”…or something like that. I can’t remember what she said exactly because I was busy trying not to gag when I realized I was holding a jar full of eyes. I was disgusted, but she was having fun, so that’s cool. Gods!!!, I love my friends.
During the lunch service, and for most of the afternoon KittyKat ran a fundraising candy sale and raised over 100 bucks for the Grey Niche Gate Fund. She and her friends had worked really hard and had ton of very tasty candy, cookies, etc.
Court Saturday afternoon was extremely entertaining. His Majesty got into the spirit of Ork Wars by dressing as the Hunchback of Notre Dame and Her Majesty dressed as the gypsy from the same movie who’s name I can’t remember. Lots of people got very well deserved awards. Elvis and Marisa got Onyx Chalices. Aktay got inducted into the Order of Denial, and his daughter got an Estoile. Dame Brenna got a BOOTY Call (Um, that’s the Baronial Order of Ovation and Thank You) for all the work she has done for the Barony over the last couple of years. I’m ashamed to admit I cannot remember the rest of the awards that were presented but I can honestly tell you I have never laughed so much at any court.
After feast was the heinous haffla, and SCA Trivia contest. I managed to stay awake through the trivia contest but by then I was more or less sleep walking so I headed off to bed and slept for nine hours.
Site clean up Sunday morning went very quickly. Lots of people helped, and we were ready to leave site by 12:30, that has to be damn near a record. We stopped in Jackson for lunch along with JBK, Dulinn, Gunder, and some others. Another great event was over, and it was time to head home.