It is here

It is here. I picked up the damnable machine yesterday afternoon. The machine that I know I need (well, the machine that my Doctor tells me I need). I spent roughly an hour yesterday organizing a place for the damnable machine close to my bedside, and another 30 minutes or so getting the mask adjusted properly. Then I tried to sleep.
I have to admit that I did sleep, and I slept better than normal. I normally sleep about five to six hours a night. However I never really get “deeply” asleep. I toss and turn a lot (or as much a fat man can toss and turn), and I normally wake up two or three times a night. Of course I don’t stay awake long, usually just five to ten minutes at a time.
Last night I only woke up once, and that was to go to the bathroom. It did take a while to get over the two strange sensations (a mask strapped over my nose and a air blowing into my nose. However, eventually I did sleep. Apparently I slept better than I expected, or better than I normally do. I slept deeply and enjoyed it thoroughly. That is, I did until I woke up this morning.
If any of you that read this ever find yourself in a position where you have to use a CPAP machine I’d like to give you a bit of advice: it is a really, really, unspeakably bad idea to roll on your side with the air hose under you. This causes the hose to compress, and you will find that you wake up rather quickly and unpleasantly.