Sunday Morning.

Much to my surprise, I find myself awake before noon today. I certainly didn’t plan to be. In fact I had planned to sleep until at least noon, if not later. Apparently the universe had other plans for me.

Since my last post on Tuesday I’ve been adjusting learning to sleep with  CPAP machine. I can’t bring myself to say I like the damn thing, but I do have to admit it is having an effect, a positive effect. I am waking up during the night less, and I am definitely sleeping better than I have in years. It’s strange, but I had not realized how badly I was sleeping. I knew I was waking up two to three times a night, and I knew I tossed and turned a lot while sleeping, but I didn’t realize just how much that was affecting me. In just the few nights I’ve been amazed at the change in how I feel. It does take me a bit longer to actually fall asleep when I first go to bed, but once I do, I sleep the sleep of the dead.

In other news I had an absolutely wonderful day at Quest For The Holy Pail 3 yesterderay. I’ve been to all three of these events, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself all three times. Rookshaven works hard, and they put on a very good event. The tournament, which was won by Caedmon, was entertaining to watch. The hours between the end of the tournament and court seemed to fly by. I spent a lot of time doing what I always do: talking to lots of people, and enjoying doing so.

Soon it was time to prepare for Court, and that was a different experience. Since Linnet was not at this event she had asked me to be in charge of organizing the entourage for the day. With our entourage team that was not any problem, these folks are a real joy to work with. What was different was that for the first time I was involved in the court prep: checking the troll records to make sure people were on site, find a scribe to make sure the scrolls had the proper names on them (Thanks Jane) , pulling regaila, etc. etc. This was a small court, with only a about eight pieces of business, but I was amazed at how complicated the whole process was. Court itself was very entertaining; Their Majesties really put on an entraining show at court.

The feast was very good, particularly the meat kabobs. I also enjoyed the soup. The Lemon Water that Kat The Strange brought was also good. Different, but good. The fact that the kitchen staff had to deal with horrendous problems with the site all day long just made the feast all the more impressive. For most of the day the kitchen appliances didn’t have any power. At one point they lost water pressure. With all those problems they still turned out a great feast on time, with no delays. A very impressive feat, folks.