Be careful where you step…

The weather in Memphis has turned fugly the last couple of days. Heavy cloud cover, intermittent rain. Just, “blah” weather.  This kind of weather has meant a lot of wet sidewalks, slick wet leaves on the ground, etc. etc.

I mention this because as I was leaving Their Majesties home yesterday, after completing the inventory of Heir’s Equipment, I did something rather embarrassing. As I stepped down from a stair in front of their house, I apparently stepped on a wet leaf that was on top of a slick patch of pavement. Entirely on it’s own, without any direction from my brain, my left foot decided to do a bit of “pavement surfing”. This, of course, made my left leg, the one that was supposed to be taking the weight (considerable as it is) in this step go kind of shooting out to the side. Of course I then proceeded to fall down the remaining two stairs.

What was truly odd was that it all seemed to happen in slow motion. Her Majesty Kenna was standing on the porch behind me, and I quite clearly heard her ask me if I was OK as I started to tumble.  I may be remembering this incorrectly, but I think I actually had time to say, “Oh yeah, just falling a little”. Actually, I know I’m remembering that incorrectly. That’s what I would have liked to have said, but what I think I actually said, if anything was, “Oh shiiiiiii”. Although the fall seemed to be in slow motion I didn’t have time to finish that last word before my right knee and left elbow hit the pavement. I’m fairly sure earthquake detecting machines in California registered the vibration of that impact. I know my knee did.

Now, let me assure you that there was no real damage. But the truly odd thing was that although it was my right knee that hit the ground, it’s been my left thigh that has been hurting all day. Feels like I sprained a muscle or something.  It’s been more annoying than anything else, but still kind of strange.

So, the moral of the story this little story is this: be very careful where you are stepping. Could save you all kinds of annoyance.

(sorry folks, I didn’t have anything more interesting to write about tonight)