So, It’s been a while

After a little bit of checking I see that my last post was made on November 19, 207. Not quite two and a half months ago. I guess it has been longer than, “a while”.

My only explanation for the long absence is that I more or less kind of took a vacation from everything except work. Took a bit of a vacation from the SCA during the holidays. Took a vacation from blogging, from being available on any of the instant messaging services I use, from reading anything, etc.

I would like to claim that that I was focussed on getting through the holidays, but that is not precisely true. I had a wonderful holiday season. Thanksgiving was spent in Millington at Gresch and Cheiree’s home. There were about 30 of us before the day was over, and it was wonderful. Christmas was spent with my sister and her husband, and it was probably the most stress free Christmas my family has had in years. I had to work New Years Eve, but I spent all day New Years Day playing my new game, Eve Online.

M0st of January was spent just working, and, eventually, preparing for Candlemas. That event, Candlemas, was just what I needed to recharge my mental batteries. It was a wonderful day due to the hard work of a lot of people, most notably Vicountess Miriel who organized all the classes, Lady Lass for organizing the A&S, and Lady Marisa who delivered a wonderul lunch time feast.

So, I’m back, and will now be posting somewhat regularly again.