A Needed Miracle

Two weeks ago tonight, at roughly this same time (10:15 PM), I was seriously thinking about not going to Gulf Wars. I wasn’t really looking forward to the war for a number of reasons: finances were tighter than I would have preferred, I was tired, and to be quite honest I was in a bit of a funk SCA wise. I won’t go into the reasons, they aren’t really important, but that night I just didn’t want to go to war.

So, I sat here listening to some rather good music (Thick as a Brick, by Jethro Tull), and tried to find a way to honorably get out of my commitments at the war and just stay home playing computer games for a week. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to do that. A blogger I read regularly, and a person whom I respect includes this as part of her definition of honor:
Do not make promises lightly, and when you do make them, treat them with the gravity they deserve.”
I  had made several promises to various people at the war, and they were depending on me. No way out without being the kind of person I tend to make fun of, and have no respect for, so even though I didn’t want to go, I decided I couldn’t stay home. On Friday, the Divine Force in the Universe decided to dump six inches of snow on Memphis. That didn’t serve at all to help me get in the mood for Gulf Wars. Even the gods seemed to be telling me to stay home. Bah….this was not going to be a good week.
Very early Saturday morning my crew hit the road. We should have waited until later because driving on the Memphis interstate system when there are two inches of snow and ice on it is  most definitely NOT fun.  Doing a 360 in the middle of the interstate while towing a sixteen foot long trailer is VERY high on my list of things I never, EVER want to do again. I was just a passenger in the vehicle, and we were so unbelievably lucky. Didn’t hit anything or any one. Of course it did take about an hour for me to be able to relax my death grip on the arm rest. However, we soon drove out of the snow area, and hit the good, safe pavement headed south. We got to the war site about 2:30 PM Saturday afternoon. That’s when the miracle happened.
For the last four years I’ve worked a lot of shifts with the Gulf Wars Troll crew. I’ve been a shift leader for the last three years, usually working the midnight to 6:00 AM shift. In that time I’ve made literally dozens of friends among the strange crew that enjoys working troll. Friends from several kingdoms. True, most of these friends I only see at Gulf Wars, and to be honest I can’t remember all of their names, but when I see them at war our conversation starts right where it ended the previous year.
So, when I walked into that Troll Hall, and was instantly greeted by about ten people that were genuinely happy so see me, that were glad I had arrived, my mood changed instantly. I no longer had “obligations at war”, I had “rare opportunities to spend time with friends”. That is just exactly what I did, and I thank all gods great and small for those opportunities. I thank them for that attitude adjustment. I thank them for that miracle.

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