Family Musings.

So, it’s Tuesday. My how time flies.

I had a wonderful weekend with my Mom and Sister. I talk to both frequently, but due to the fact that they are both in central Alabama, and I’m not, I don’t get to actually see them very often. For the last seven years or so it has been an average of once or twice a year.  I have always been amazed by the people that have lived their entire life in one place, that have all their family including grandparents, cousins, etc. etc all close by. My family has never had that, and it has worked for us. We’ve always been very, very spread out, and while at times we wish things were different, the fact is we like it this way.

Ok, I could have more to say, but dinner is done, and I’ve got both seasons of Lost on DVD. I’ll post more later this week.


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