One Day At A Time

Some days rising above the challenges life throws at you is easier than it is on other days. For instance, one of the changes I am trying to make in my life is to stop eating so many meals at restaurants. I’m also trying to stop getting snacks, etc. from the vending machines at work. There are several reasons for this; the desire to lose some weight, to live healthier, and most importantly, to save money.
Over the last week, it has been remarkably easy to avoid all of these things as I was  in a temporary negative cash flow situation. In other words, I was broke. I didn’t have the money to spend on luxuries like restaurants, or snacks, etc. Today, however, was payday. After paying immediate bills, and after making sure I have money set aside for the trip to Crown List this weekend, and to make sure I have money for gas for the next two weeks, after doing all that I managed to drive by my favorite Chinese Buffet and successfully resisted the urge to stop and eat. I made, in other words, the better choice. It wasn’t easy, but I did it. I’m rather proud of that.
In fact I was so proud of that rather simple accomplishment, that when I got home I decided to overcome some other temptations. As I’ve mentioned before in this Corner, I tend to get addicted to online games. I played Warcraft for over a year. Since November I’ve been heavily invested in a game called Eve Online. WHen I get involved in these games I spend way, way to much time playing them. In fact I tend to ignore my real life, my real friends, in order to spend time in an artificial world. Now, three weeks ago both of my computers suffered some temporary problems that made it impossible to play. That was painful, but until I got them repaired, I literally couldn’t play. My time away from the game was not a choice.
I did, of course, get my machines repaired, but during the forced down time I had caught up on my reading, I spent some time making jewelry, which I hadn’t done for months, and generally found I was enjoying myself. Unfortunately, over the last two days I’ve been thinking a  lot about either firing up Eve again, or , even worse,  buying another  copy of W.O.W, and starting to play that again. I would have had to buy a new copy of W.O.W. because when I quit playing I knew I’d be tempted to start again so I not only removed the game from my computer, I actually broke the discs in half, so I couldn’t reinstall them. I knew it would be a mistake, but I was sorely tempted. WHen I had to quit playing Eve temporarily I didn’t actually remove the game from my system, nor did I close down my accounts (had two of them, pathetic, I know). Despite severe temptations to play again since getting the machine’s fixed, I have been able to avoid doing so, but it’s become more difficult to do so every day.
So, when I got home today, feeling so good after avoiding the urge to pig out the Panda Chinese Buffet, I decided to do something about the temptations of the online games. First, I removed Eve from my system and closed both accounts. Instead of then leaving the house and heading for the nearest Best Buy to buy copies of W.O.W. I logged into my instant messaging programs and spent some time talking with a good friend (thanks Charlie) and working on some paperwork I had to have ready for this weekend. Soon enough the urge to go buy the game went away. Well, it went away at least for today.
However, you can only fight temptation one day at a time and today I’ve won the fight. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.


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