Crown List.

So, let’s talk about Crown List, which took place this past weekend at the Woodmen of the World Camp in Hattiesburg MS.

I traveled to the event with a different set of traveling companions.  My regular traveling crew all decided to stay home so I rode down with Sir Padruig, Lass, and Aktay. I find it surprising how different the road I’ve traveled literally dozens of times in the last six years looks when viewed from a different seat.

There is nothing like a five hour road trip for learning new things about people that you thought you knew. For instance I had no idea that Aktay was such a fan of country music from the sixties and seventies. Nor did I know that he and Padruig could do a pretty good rendition of “King of the Road By Roger Miller”.  I also learned that I am actually a fan of the group  Big and Rich. I discovered, much to my amazement, that is possible to travel to Hattiesburg without stopping at the Love’s truck stop in Canton.

We got to the site and got unloaded by about 8:30. I must have been living right last week because the bedspace had been sold out, but an email to the Reservation Steward let me find out that there had been a cancellation and the bed was mine. I dumped my gear on the bed , got changed into garb and headed out to do what I do best, talk to people, and I spent the rest of the night doing just that.

Saturday dawned clear and beautiful  The day would prove to be warm, but not oppressively hot. The tournament field was gorgeous. All the fighters had pavilions around the field and the heraldry on display was ……stirring. There were sixteen couples taking part in the tournament, including four from Grey Niche; Caedon and Lass, WIlliam of Glenn Lyon fighting for Marisa Symes of Berwyck, Ali was fighting for Naqid, and coincidently Naqid was fighting for Ali. All four couples were sharing a pavilion and the hospitality table they put on was truly impressive. Both Caedmon and Lass and WIliam and Marisa had honored me by asking that I process in with them, and I was more than happy to do so. In fact I was allowed to carry banners for both of them, which showed a great deal of trust I thought, since all four of those folks know how klutzy I can be. I thought it was particularly cool that Their Exellencies Dagan and Mahsheed were on site and doing everything they could to support and encourage the people from their Barony.
Though none of the Grey Niche fighters won the tournament they all fought honorably and well. I was proud to belong to a group that included such good people. In one round Naqid had to fight WIll, and it was clear that though they both wanted to fight, to win, they didn’t want fight each other. They are very close friends and neither wanted to be responsible for eliminating the other from the tournament. They both gave it their all, and when William called “good” to Naqid’s blow, she looked a bit confused. She said later that on one hand she wanted to celebrate because she had won, but she wanted to cry as well, because she had eliminated Will.
After the Grey Niche fighters were eliminated I really didn’t pay that close of attention to the rest of the tournament until the final fight. Sir Loric and Duke Havordh. Havordh won, but it wasn’t easy, Sir Loric fought very well. So well, in fact, that at court that night he was named Queen’s Champion.

The rest of the day passed quickly, but pleasantly. I didn’t get reserved in time to get a feast spot, but from everything I heard later it was an excellent meal. The post feast entertainment was hilarious. All to soon it was Sunday morning and time to come home. Another great weekend, and another great set of memories.