I Should Be In a Good Mood

I really, really shouldn’t be in the foul mood I find myself in this evening. I really shouldn’t.  I should be in a great mood for several reasons.

For instance, because of how the tournament at Crown List turned out, I won’t be working entourage at Gulf Wars. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working entourage for the last two years, but Gulf Wars entourage is a LOT of work. Of course it’s a lot MORE work for the actual crowns, I know that, but I’m going to enjoy not being on entourage for Gulf Wars ’09.

Then there is the fact that I actually got a quota bonus this month. The last three months have been seriously lacking in that department at work; the economy is tanking (and I promise I won’t launch into a rant as to why I believe that to be happening. I promise, I will simply say this, “I blame Bush”), which is making things kind of lean in the world of student loan collections. Of course that is the world I work in, so it’s been tough. I’ve had enough to keep my bills paid, and to do most of the things I REALLY wanted to, or needed to do, but it’s been a while since I had any “blow money”.
However, this month the planets all aligned properly and I did get a rather nice bonus. After making some hefty payments on some …um, long term bills that I had been making minimum payments on, I had a nice chunk  of left over money. Now, I know the smart thing to have done would have been to put it in the bank and save for a rainy day. Yeah. That would be the smart thing, but it’s not what I did. I ordered a bunch of wire in different gages from The Ring Lord, and some tools from Contenti. I’m really looking forward to using that jump ring maker. It should be here a week from today.

Finally, I should not be in a foul mood because I’m at home after a late night at work. I’ve had an interesting conversation with a good friend via yahoo messenger, and “Ah Leah) by Donnie Iris is playing on ITunes. I should be in a great mood, but I’m not. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have calmed down enough to post about the reasons I’m in such a lousy mood.


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