The Flame Thrower is lit.

Ok, so I am in a better mood, tonight. I know what was causing the foul mood the other night, and I know why I reacted the way I did. More importantly I know how I’m going to respond to the people and issues that had me ready to spit nails the other night. This is a good feeling.

Before I go on, I should just mention that I have two mottoes that I turn to for inspiration, or to help me deal with things when I’m angry. The first is, “Vexa minus, labora plurius ), which is Latin (Thank you Drix, for the translation) for “Bitch Less, Do More”. The second is  a quote from “Men At Arms” by Terry Pratchet and it is, “Sometimes it’s better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness”.

I mention these mottoes because I had a bit of an epiphany Wednesday morning. I was still fuming about the things that had me so angry Tuesday night, and suddenly it dawned on me that I was bitching, but I wasn’t actually doing anything. I was acting just like the people  that had made me so angry.

Gods, that kind of self revelation, in a word, hurts. It’s a shock to one’s self esteem. Clearly, something had to change. So, time to get busy doing instead of bitching.

So, first I made a list of the projects I wanted to work on. Then I had to start figuring out how to get them accomplished. I guess you could say that’s the point I’m at now. I’ll spend the rest of this week plotting out a course of action for the other projects. Hopefully I can start actually working on them during the early part of next week.

There will be more later. The bitching is over, and the flamethrower is lit.


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