Things are looking up.

So, it is Saturday night, and I’m blogging. What a bloody exciting life I lead. Oh well, could be much worse.

For the last two days I’ve pretty much embraced my inner slug nature. I was off work on Friday, and I spent the day doing….nothing.
Well, not nothing. I watched three movies: Into the WIld, Vantage Point, and the original The WIcker Man (That is one seriously creepy movie, much better than the modern remake).

I also spent a lot of time throughout the day talking with various friends on line. Those friends helped me make a couple of rather surprising discoveries; helped me figure out some of the issues that may be contributing to the restlessness i’ve been feeling both in and out of the SCA.

I won’t bore you with the details of my self discoveries, but I will tell you that although the restlessness¬† remains, I feel better about it tonight than I did the last time I wrote about it. It’s not over yet, but the mood is passing. I go through these periods from time to time, and thanks to the the words of encouragement I got both via instant messengers of one type or another and via email, I know this time this funk will not last as long as it normally does.

I’m still searching for my Quest, but I know I’ll find it. I’ve got a couple of ideas for some truly long term projects I want to start working on. I was offered a really interesting job here in the Barony that would, I think, be all kinds of fun. I’ll write more about the projects and possible baronial job offer next week after I know more about it.

So, things are looking up, and I’m fairly sure my period of boredom and restlessness is coing to an end.