What do you want to teach?

I took today and last Friday as vacation days. That is probably the best thing I’ve done for myself in a very, very long time. Quite frankly, with the atmosphere at work lately, I needed a break.
I’d like to tell you all that I spent these vacation days engaged in very various productive activities. Of course, that would be ….well, that would be lying. What I actually spent these days doing was staying at home, talking to friends, doing a lot of thinking, and making some jewelry components (I wound and cut a lot of wire rings. A LOT).

I have to go back to work tomorrow, and since I have a total of five more days I have to take as vacation before the end of the year, I think the first thing I will do at the office is turn in a vacation request slip for another two days in September, one in October and two in November. I’d take time in December but we recently got a memo from what is laughably called our Management Team, that so many people have already requested vacation time in December that no more requests would be approved.

In other news, it appears that I will be taking on a new baronial office at the end of October. Our current Arts & Sciences officer is stepping down at Samhain. She contacted me by yahoo instant messenger on Friday and asked me if I would be interested in taking the job. I was, to put it mildly, quite surprised by the offer.
The fact is I’ve not really spent a lot of time with the A&S side of the Society. I respect the artisans, and truly admire the projects they produce, but since I do not have any artistic abilities that I feel comfortable in displaying, I’ve never entered any A&S competitions. Nor do I plan to enter any. That area of the Society is simply not where my area of interest lies.

However, in talking with Lass, the current A&S officer, I realized that the duties of the actual job of the A&S officer do actually match my skill set and interests. The job itself, from what I understand, is mostly making sure that the reports get sent to the correct Kingdom Officer, organizing teachers for the A&S meetings, and encouraging A&S activities within the Barony. Now, I can do paperwork, and one of my strongest skills, not to mention interests, is in organizing people toward meeting a goal. That’s why I love autocratting events so much. Once I realized that, I knew that I could do the job without making to much of a muckup (a highly technical term that I just invented in order to avoid using a very similar word that starts with “F” but is otherwise spelled the same way).

So, I asked Lass for a day or so to think about it, and that’s just what I did. I talked to my Peer about it, and she thinks it would be a good opportunity for me. Today I spoke with our Seneschal and the Kingdom A&S officer, and niether of them didn’t seem to have any problems with me taking the job. Finally I checked with our Baroness, and she supported the idea, so I guess that makes it official. I’ll be taking over the office at Samhain.

So, what do you want to volunteer to teach at our A&S meeting in November?


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