Thanks For Reminding Me.

Monday. What an annoying day, usually, but this was an exception. The weather was relatively cool, the rain storm this afternoon didn’t last long, and, more importantly, didn’t start until I was already home.

Hell, even the time at work wasn’t as annoying as it normally would have been. We had a reorganization of our cubicle farm last Friday and I got moved to a new cubicle; I’m no longer in the cubicle directly across the hall from my bosses’ office. That means that for the first time in almost three years I didn’t have to listen to her talking on her phone, dealing with employees, or arguing with the IT department all day.  I like my boss, but I hated being directly across from her office.

There has been no progress or information about the theft of Turlaugh’s trailer. No information, or news of any kind from the police. I’m sure they are busy giving people tickets for riding (not driving, riding) without a seat belt. So, that sucks, but I will tell you something that doesn’t: the outpouring of support and offers of help that all of us that lost items has been ….well, it’s beyond my ability to describe.

I knew I had been blessed with good friends. I knew, …I know that, but sometimes it is necessary to be reminded of the fact. Since I made the posts alerting to look for stolen property on the Gleann Abbhan and Grey Niche lists, and since posting about here in the Corner, I’ve received countless of messages offering everything from condolences, offers of help in looking for the stuff, and in a couple of cases offering to help hide the bodies if we ever find out who stole the trailer. I even got contacted by a guy in a SCA group in Alaska asking for pictures of the stolen pavilions. As he said, “you never know where stuff will turn up, so I’ll be keeping an eye out”. Damn, that’s just bloody cool.

I’ve always thought thought that friendship is the only form of wealth that really means anything in the long run. You can’t take money or items with you when the time comes, but you can take the love of friends. By that measurement I am a very wealthy man, and most of the time I am consciously aware of that fact. Occasionally though I need to be reminded of it, and this weekend was one of those times.

You see, this past weekend was the aniversary of the last three days of my Dad’s illness. In fact he died 15 years ago today. I’ve dealt with all the issues brought about by Dad’s death several years ago, so Idon’t get overly emotional on the aniversary of his death, but I do tend to get a bit melancholy the third week of August. That didn’t happen this past weekend. I was to busy being reminded in a lot of ways, by a lot of people, how lucky I am. How truly rich I am. Thank you, all of you for reminding me.


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Labora plurius