The Wild Ride…

The Great De-cluttering goes on. I’ve spent an hour each night this week sorting through boxes and files, and throwing most of the contents away. In an odd way the process is sort of like an archeological dig – each piece of paper, each trinket is an artifact of the person I used to be.  Some of the finds have brought back fond memories while others  have triggered memories that I’d rather had been left buried. It has been an interesting way to see how much I have changed over the years.

Thursday night I found the preliminary schedule I had made in mid-September of 2004 while planning Bard Wars- Samhain 2004. That was the first weekend event I autocratted. Since then I have autocratted several events and enjoyed all of them, but I think that Samhain was my favorite.

You see, that was not only the first weekend event I autocratted; it was also the first event where I felt like I knew what I was doing. I had a lot more confidence in myself than I had while working on the previous year’s Lugh. The first event had taught me a lot – mostly it taught me that I couldn’t do everything myself, nor did anyone really expect me to. I had learned that it was ok to ask other people to help; I’d learned that people WANTED to help. No one would think less of me for asking for help.

So, I asked for a LOT of help. THL Luca handled the reservations. Mahsheed and Saachi organized the the candleight tournament on Friday night. The good folks of House Sablehand organized all the competitions and helped out in countless other ways.  Countess Linnet (now Duchess Linnet) organized all the classes. THL Gresch and THL Chiere organized the feast…oh my good the feast. What an incredible feast! My brother in law; a guy that has the metabolism of a shrew on meth, and who might way 150 pounds soaking wet, had to push his plate away during the fourth remove. His only comment was “I fought the food, and the food won”.

It is funny, I can remember a great deal of the planning of that event, but I don’t remember much of the Day of the event. Prior to court that evening, my main memory is one of walking around the site watching a lot of other people working their tails off, while I didn’t do much of anything. Well, that’s not really true –  I spent a lot of time listening to people tell me what a great time they were having, and thinking I had the most incredible event staff ever. They were the ones doing all the work, and I seemed to be getting most of the credit.

I have much more clear memories of court that night. It was, a very special court. That was the court where Gresh and Ree, got their GOA’s, and their induction to the Order of Denial. Of course that was also the court where I was inducted into the Denial, but as much as I was stunned by that I was more proud for Gresch and Ree. But the most special part of that court was the fact that when it was over I was belted to Linnet.

I will never forget the ceremony that Linnet had organized  for my belting. To this day the poster she made showing my “associate’s family tree” is still on my wall. I remember her handing the yellow belt she had woven, and I remember her turning me to face the audience and saying, “This is my protege, Cormac. Good done to him is good done to me, Evil done to him is……not recommended”. Gods, what a good feeling.

When I became her protege Linnet and I knew each other, and were friendly, but I can’t say we were really friends. In the last four years that has changed; today I consider her one of my closest friends. At the time I knew a lot about the workings of Grey Niche, or thought I did, but I was relatively clueless about the rest of the kingdom. In the last four years I’ve learned a lot more about my kingdom, about my barony, and most importantly about myself. It’s been a wild ride, and I can’t wait to see where the next four years will be like.

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