Labor Day Weekend.

I sincerely hope that all of my friends had as much fun this past weekend as I did. Of course, with Gustav threatening the gulf coast I know that many of my friends did not have a good weekend at all.

I have lived through more tornadoes than I can count, but the thing with tornadoes is that they are sudden; the conditions that spawn them exist for 12 hours at most. If a tornado does actually form it might last an hour or two. It does not lake a leisurely cruise through the Gulf Of Mexico before finally arriving at your home. You don’t have to watch them come for you for a week or more. I cannot begin to imagine what that must be like. I can only pray that all of the people down south come through this; that none of my friends have to go through what so many  of them went through three years ago.

Enough; let’s talk about the good parts of the weekend.

Saturday Gerald and I drove to Ripley Mississippi. Every month on the weekend before the first Monday in a month there is a huge flea market on the outskirt of Ripley. Gordon met us there, and three of us spent a couple of hours exploring the merchant’s wares. I wish I’d had some money to spend because there was a lot of neat stuff hidden among the typical flea market crap: antique tools, antique cast iron pots and pans, lots of other collectibles, and lots of animals. I had a problem with the animals.

There were dozens of peope selling puppies, rabits, chickens, guinea fowl, doves, etc. The poultry I tend to see as livestock, not pets, so it didn’t really bother me to see those animals in wire bottom cages. However, it bugged the hell out of me to see the kittens (and I don’t even like cats) and dogs in the same kind of cage. Bugged me a lot.

Of course, it bugged me even more to see people actually buying pets in that kind of market. If you want a pet, either adopt one from an animal shelter, or, if you must have a registered purebred, go to a reputable breeder. For the love of all gods, do not get one from a man selling a litter of underfed puppies in a wire cage at a flea market. Most of the people with animals for sale didn’t even bother to put a water container in the cage. No way in hell I’d buy an animal from a person that didn’t care enough about them to provide water.

Despite what I viewed as mistreatment of the animals on sale, Idid enjoy wandering around the flea market. I always try to imagine where merchants at those markets get all the items they have for sale. One guy had dozens of heavy cast iron cauldron, several of them big enough to boil a pig in. Those are not items that people come across every day. Another guy had hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Hot Wheels cars, all of them in original packaging.

Sunday morning was spent doing my weekly review and planning for the coming week. That project took all of an hour, but it has become an important ritual for me. Helps me to know what I have accomplished, and more importantly, what I need to accomplish in the upcoming week.

Sunday afternoon and evening was spent with good friends, having good conversation, and eating way to much good fun. In other words, The House of Three Dragons had a cookout at Gresch and Chiere’s house.  There were ten of us there, and as always when we get together, there was good conversation, good advice, a bit of plotting and planning, but mostly there was laughter.  We can’t seem to spend ten minutes in each other’s company without something making us laugh. Not a bad way to spend a day at all.