Busy Times Are Coming

Ah, Friday. Another work week is over, and I have survived. Thank all gods for small favors. With the way the economy is tanking, and with the changes in the Guaranteed Student Loan industry, the last few months have been particularly unpleasant in my office. The forcast for the coming months is for more of the same. Wonderful. 

But, I’m not at work now, and I won’t be back at work until Monday, so I don’t really feel like thinking about my job. That leaves a small problem; I’m not sure what I do want to think about tonight. As always there are several subjects on my mind: politics (modern world and SCA politics), personal history, plans and projects I’m working on, and the things I want to change in my life, my home, my barony….. I’ve got a lot on my mind. 

I normally write about SCA topics on Friday, so I guess that will be the subject for the evening. Fall is a very busy time in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann; lots of important events between now and the end of the year; events I have to attend due to either my commitments as a kingdom officer, my commitments as a member  and officer of my barony, and my commitments as a friend to the event staff. 

Later this month I’ll be attending Kingdom A&S down at the Utica MS site (quite possibly the best SCA site I’ve ever seen; pity the  site management jacked the prices so high we won’t be able to use it in the future). This KA&S is being hosted by the Shire of Rookshaven, and the autocrat is a very good friend of mine, Ld Gordun. His wife, Ceridwen, is the feastocrat, and from what I’ve been told is planning a magnificent feast. Both Gordun and Ceridwen are not only good friends, they are also members of my household; House of 3 Dragons. No way in Hell I’m going to miss that event. I’ll be there to help work troll Friday night, and to help Gordo with anything he needs. 

In October I have to travel to the wilds of Lousianna for Coronation. That trip is necessary because of my commitements as a friend and by my commitments as the Kingdom Chamberlaine. We’ll have to do the changeover of kingdom property once the current Highnesses become Majesties. Coronations are always fun; busy, but fun. That particular trip will be particularly fun because I’ll be traveling with a crew of people that I don’t usually travel with. I enjoy long road trips; they are a great opportunity to talk, and to get to know people. Many a long, thought provoking, occasionaly strange, and often hilarious conversations are had by people traveling together.

I’ll have to miss Diamond Wars again this year, and that really annoys me. Diamonds was the first non-Grey Niche event I ever attended, and it has a special place in my heart. Unfortunately, due to mundane concerns I’ve not been able to attend since it was moved to the new site. I will get up there one day, but it won’t be this year. I will be attending Samhain at the end of October. I’m handling the reservations for Dame Brenna, and I never, ever, miss a Grey Niche event. I will be interested in seeing how the new site works out. 

November brings both Fall Crown list, in Arkansas, an Quest for the Holy Pail, another Rookshaven event. I’ll be going to both of those. The SCA year will end with Christmas Revel in December, and I will not miss that event again. I’ve not been able to attend the last two years, but I don’t intend to ever miss another one. 

Yeah, the rest of the year is going to be busy; just the way I like it.