Price Gouging Scumm

Author comment: I don’t normally cuss much in this blog, but tonight I’m so mad I don’t think I’llĀ  be able to avoid doing so. You have been warned. Read on at your own risk.

When I drove to work today most of the gas stations I passed were selling regular unleaded for 3.45 a gallon. Ten hours later, when I drove home, most were selling at 3.99. That is a price increase of .54 cents a gallon in only ten bloody hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let me repeat that;That is a price increase of .554 cents a gallon in only ten bloody hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, a major hurricane is pounding Texas. Yes, that hurricane has caused the temporary shutdowns of several offshore oil rigs, tempermentally interupting their production. Yes, I agree, this is bad. Yes, I worry greatly for those in the path of the hurricane and hope they make it through safely….

But here’s the thing: the temporary loss of production of “crude” oil, can not be affecting the price of the already refined oil currently on sale at the pump. It has already been refined, and shipped to market.

This is nothing more than price gouging by the oil companies. The same oil companies that have been reporting record profits over the last four years as they raise the cost of gas to levels never seen before in this country.

Pardon me, I can’t contain this any longer…..

Dear Oil Comany Executives, You are all scum sucking, leperous dogs. You probably all have carnal relations with dead baboons. I hope you enjoy your obsene profits, you are going to need the money hire people to pull your oversized heads out of your own rectums…

I feel somewhat better now.

I could understand if the steady rise in gas prices was due to some kind of external cause, like the OPEC oil embargo of the early seventies. But it’s not. No, this is nothing more than oil company hyeneas feeding on the American public.

Of course, the American public has contributed to the problem. The desire for huge SUV’s, the constant refusal to actually to develop alternative fuel technologies….There is plenty of blame to go around, I know that, but right now, at this instant, let’s focus on the price gouging we are seeing today. This is obsene, and I pray the goverment comes down on these crooks likeĀ  a metric ton of bricks.

Of course, with this current administration, the chances of that happening are slim to none. One can hope, but that is all one can do.

Afterward: I guess I didn’t cuss as much as I thought I would. God knows I wanted to, but what would the point be?