Kingdom A&S

So, this past weekened was Kingdom A&S, at the Henry S. Jacobs camp in Utica, Mississippi. Since one of my best friends was the Autocrat, and his wife was the feastocrat, and since I am taking over as the local A&S officer in a month or so there was no way I was going to be missing that particular event.

I got off work at 2:00 PM Friday, and since I was already completely packed, we were able to get on the road by 4:00; we only had to make a couple of stops to pick up supplies, gas, and  some sodas to drink on the road. Leaving Memphis for any reason is always a pleasant experience, and doubly so when your destination is an SCA event. During the drive we listened to book four of the Gunslinger Series by Steven King. I’ve read that entire series, and that is my favorite book of the series. Of course, any audiobook is better than trying to listen to what passes for radio between Memphis and Jackson.

I also spent some time on the drive making some jewelry supplies. Specifically, I wound some 20 gage copper and brass wire around a 2.5mm mandrel, and then cut the rings. Good gods, those are small rings. I’m afraid I’ll go blind if I try and make anything with them. Sometimes I hate getting old.

We got to the camp about 8:30, and thats when the magic started. We got trolled in quickly, and just as quickly got our gear unloaded. I spent the rest of the night hanging out and helping at Troll. After Mistress Beaumont went to bed I ran the troll table myself until Jane came back at 7:00 AM. I love working troll, and I specifically love working the late night shifts. There is always someone to talk to most of the time, and even when everyone else goes to bed, when I’m sitting there by myself, I like knowing that I got to see the camp go to bed, and I’ll get to see it wake up in the morning. I also like that no matter what time someone arrives, there will be a person awake to great them, and tell them where they can bed down. There never are many people that late, but there are always a few.

Once people started to wake up Saturday morning, the day actually passed very quickly. The Breakfast Crew came into the hall and quickly had a great breakfast ready. The Scones were particularly excellent. I spent most of the morning doing what I do best (and enjoy most), talking with friends I’d not seen since the last big event.

I did at one point actually go into the room where the various entries in the A&S competition were set up and looked at them. DAMN! They all were amazing, and some of them were  simply…..Hell, I don’t have the words to describe how impressive some of them were. The Collar of State that Sir Loric and Thomas the Smith did was stunning.

Eventually it was time for Court, and as always that was fun. I particuarly enjoyed seeing the look on the face of Baronness Roz (and yes, I know that is not her correct SCA name, but it IS the one I know how to spell) when she heard she was going to be elevated to the Laruel.

The feast was excellent. Ceridwen and her crew put out a feast that was  enjoyed by everyone. I particularly enjoyed the fact that due to some carefull planning I was able to sit with  both my households. House 3 Dragons and House Candlefort all sat together, and we had a blast. During feast, when they brought the Feastcrat out to complement her, Ceridwen also found out that she would soon be elevated to the order of the Laurel.

Sunday was just packing up, helping clean up the site, and then having lunch with about 12 of my closest friends before heading home. A truly excellent event.