Confession Time

Confession Time.

No, I’m not going to confess that I’ve been ignoring this blog for almost a month because I’ve been gaming (although I’ve been thinking about doing so), or anything like that.
Nor am I going to confess that I’ve been ignoring this blog because I’ve spent the time being wildly productive in other areas of my life. I haven’t. True, I did some traveling at the beginning of the month. Coronation was a lot of fun, even if the event site was a bit challenging. Gellis and his crew did a great job with a complicated event. The highlight of that event was seeing my friend Ceridwn (I’m fairly sure I misspelled that) get elevated to the Laurel.

No, what I am going toconfess this evening is that I am bloody sick and tired of the whole election process. I find this kind of hard to believe because at one time I was not only a card carrying member of the Republican party (ah, the stupidities of youth), but I was also a political science major, and fully intended to spend my life working in the government. In short, I was a political  junky.

I used to follow all the news. I used to spend hours debating with people about politics. I used to care. I don’t any more. In fact, I am disgusted by the whole process.

I won’t say that I think it’s pointless, and will, and do, tell everybody how important it is to vote. That is a right that better men than I’ll ever be have literally fought and died for, and I will not dishonor their sacrifice by not taking  part.

However, I do wish I wasn’t so disgusted by the whole process. I no longer honestly believe that either party is all that different from the other. Nor do I believe that any candidate will seriously try to deliver on any of the promises they make during the campaign. Ever notice how those promises are always kind of vague? The reason for that is that once they get elected politicians can then say, “well, I really didn’t promise …whatever, it just sounded like it. What I really meant was…..”.

I’ve gotten to the point that I think anyone that does what a modern presidential candidate has to do in order to win an election is a person that shouldn’t be allowed to have the job. Any person that wants to be president so bad that they sell out everything they have ever believed in is a person that shouldn’t be allowed to have the job. Bob Dole is  a prime example. I used to have a great deal of respect for that man; for decades whe was quite literally the voice of comprimise in the Sennate. He was also known as one of the people with the b est sense of humor in the Sennate. But when he  became his party’s candidate he became a a person that couldn’t crack a smile if his life depended on it, and vowed to NEVER comprimise with the opposition. Excuse me, but isn’t politics all about the art of comprimise?

Any person that would subject their children to the invasive study of what passes as “press” in the modern world is a person that cares more about themselves than their children, and that is not a person I would vote for. I mean think about what Chelsea Clinton had to hear about her father while she was a teenager. Think about what Sarah Palin’s children are going through right now.

So, we come to the real confession. I am going to vote, but I am not going to vote for either party’s candidate. No, I’m going to vote for my mom’s poodle, Millie. She’s even tempered, no children, and is promising a tax cut to anyone that gives her a piece of bacon.