I wish I could bottle this feeling….

I wish I could bottle this feeling. Or maybe make a condense this feeling into a pill. Find a way to save this feeling so that when  I needed to feel this good again, when I needed to remember why I put up with all the things that drive me absolutely bug-shit crazy about the Society, when I need help to recover the “Dream”, when I needed any of that I could reach for a pill, or take a swig of a slightly medicinal flavored liquid and feel this good again.

I’ll probably post more tomorrow about all the things that have been happening since the last post, but tonight I feel to to good to think about that. I just want to tell everybody that was not at beltaine today that they missed  a truly great day. Sir James the Holy’s elevation was a beautiful ceremony, and great way to start the day. The perfect end to the day was Genevote’s elevation to the Order of the Pelican. Truly a great day for the history of Gleann Abhann.