Once more into the blogging breach

So, it’s been roughly three months or so since my last blog post.  This is not good. I don’t even have the excuse of being caught up in some type of game or anything like that to justify not posting anything in so long.
Now, I am, in some ways a fairly creative person, and I’m sure that if I spent some time and a little effort I could come up with a good excuse for not updating more regularly, but it’s just not worth the effort. What is important is that I am once again going to try and make a go of being a good blogger.
It’s a funny thing, but I know a lot of people that have blogs, and over the last few months several of them have not been updating as much as they used to.  I was pondering that fact earlier while trying to think of a subject for this post. I’m fairly sure that there are several good reasons.
I know several of the bloggers I read have cut back simply because of changes in their lives. Summer is a busy season, and at least a couple of them have gone through some fairly serious changes in their lives: changing jobs, changing homes, starting school, etc. etc.  Also, some are very busy with activities with their families – kid’s activities and the like.
I think the rise of Facebook and to a lesser extent Twitter has led a few people away from regular blogging. I know that I spend way to much time on Facebook. I don’t personally Twitter, probably because I can’t help but thinking that those that do are, in fact, twits.
As for myself, I’ve simply developed some other interests. I got interested in returning to my pre-computer, pre-SCA hobby of building models. Now, I did look for a way to incorporate my SCA hobby with a return to modeling. I found hirstarts.com and ordered a few molds. Over the last couple of months I’ve spent a lot of time casting blocks and constructing some buildings. I’ve not yet started my intended goal, which is to build a scale model of an existing castle that dates from medieval times, but I’ve been re-learning some old skills, learning new ones, and doing a lot of research.
I’ve also been spending a lot of time working on the Gulf Wars chains. I’ve got 23 done- only 77 left to go. It’s a slow process; The first step is opening a bunch of rings in each of the three colors. Then you assemble the various components in each color. I tend to make enough components for to assemble complete chains at a time. In a funny way, when I’ve got my pliers in my hands, and big pile of rings to work with, I find that I can get almost into a trance like state. The steps are so repetitive that after about ten minutes or so I can do them without thinking about it. This leaves my mind free to think about other things.

Ok, that’s all for tonight.