Looking for a new project

The first day of February, 2010. Jeez, I can’t believe how fast time moves the older I get. When I was a kid, the nine months of the school year took approximately three years to pass. These days nine months seem to go buy in 9 hours. It gets a bit annoying.

February will be a busy month. I have two SCA events I have to attend: Candlemas and Fighter’s Collegium. Candelmas is the first; it is February 13. Candlemas is not exactly my favorite local event; it’s a one day, class intensive A&S event. I prefer weekend events, but it is a LOCA event, and because my group is hosting it, I will go. Hell, I’m even teaching a class, and I will work the event. I think it is important for a group member to support all of his or her local group’s events. I’ve ranted far to often about members not supporting their local groups, so I can’t skip a local event without being a hypocrite.

The class I am going to teach is: The Importance of Site Tokens. I have every site token from every event I’ve attended in the last seven years. Most of them are not all that impressive, some are very impressive, and some are frankly amazing. They are all important, though, not because of what they are, but due to the memories they cause to surface when I look at them. Those three ugly beads on a piece of plain string are a tangible, physical reminder of the very first event I ever attended, Beltaine 2003. Holding this cast metal arrowhead on a cord brings to mind the first ever Hunt For the Prize, the Gleann Abhann live weapons event. This length of finger-loop braiding in black and gold cord? It’s one of many, many tokens my friend Sasha made for the first event I ever autocratted. Yeah, all of these site tokens are special, and when I’m having a bad day, when I’m in a bad mood, I’ll often take a few minutes and just look at my collection of tokens. I’ll pick out one or two, and think about the event where I got them. I’ll think of the tournaments that were fought, the people I met, the stories I heard, and the stories I told. After a few minutes of such reflection I will feel better. I’ll be in a better mood, and therefore better able to deal with whatever I need to deal with.

So, yeah, I think site tokens are important. As an autocrat, I think they should, in some way, reflect the theme of the event, and (this is important) I think they should be cheap. Cheap, however, doesn’t have to mean ugly. While I value all of my collected site tokens, I think that often they are afterthoughts for an autocrat that is dealing with all the other aspects of planning an event. This is unfortunate, because with just a little bit of thought, a little creativity, (don’t forget, our organization’s middle name is “Creative”) truly magnificent site tokens can be found for very little expense. So, that’s what my class is going to talk about: the importance of site tokens, and some cheap, creative ideas for making them.

The last weekend of the month is Fighter’s Collegium. That is going to be held at King’s Arrow Ranch in Lumberton. Not really my favorite site for any event other than Gulf Wars. However, the Grey Niche Gate Construction Crew is going to use that weekend to, hopefully, finish our camp’s Gate. It will be an odd event for me because I will not have any meetings I have to attend, nor any real responsibilities other than to hang out with my friends. I think I’ll have a very good time doing just that. The only thing I have to decide is whether or not I’m going to stay on site, or in a hotel. At this point I’m leaning toward staying in the hotel – the cabins at that site are just not all that impressive.

In other news, I’m looking for a new project. Very shortly I’ll be done with the fund raising project for the Grey Niche Gate. Once that is done, I don’t really have any big projects to work on SCA-wise, and I need one. I get bored when I don’t have a project, and frankly, when I’m bored, I tend to do REALLY stupid things. I’d like to another job for the kingdom, and I’d like to autocrat another event. I would really like to autocrat another kingdom event, but my group only wants to use a site that will not allow us to camp, and they (the group, or, more precisely, the members of the group that show up to vote on event bids) don’t want to travel to better sites to hold events. Since a kingdom event almost requires a site to have both a camping area as well as cabin’s on site, it’s kind of pointless to submit another bid for a site at Piersol. So, I either need to find another local site we can afford, that has cabins, camping areas, a kitchen we can use, a feast hall, good parking, etc, or, I need to find another group that would let me autocrat. Somehow, I think the second option would be easier to do.

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