Day 2 of Habit Rebuilding

It is Sunday night, and I feel good. I have no real reason for feeling that way, but I also have no real reason for not feeling good. Since feeling good is less work than feeling bad, and since I am by nature a lazy person, I have chosen to feel good

I finally feel that I have gotten back on my non-Gulf Wars schedule. One week of a week long SCA event can, and does, really miss with a person’s schedule. The first week back was the hardest; I was so sleep deprived I was literally falling asleep at my desk. My corporate overlords do not find that to be acceptable behavior, so it was a rather challenging week.

By the start of the second week, I had managed to get caught up on my sleep; I was no longer sleeping at my desk. It was all the other aspects of my regular life that were still out of wack. I had fallen off my diet during war week. Now, I didn’t go hog wild, or anything like that while I was at War, but I had stopped consciously thinking about what I was eating. During the week in Lumberton I had gotten out of the habit of thinking about what I was eating.

During the week at Gulf Wars I had also lost the habit of tracking my spending. Several months ago, in an effort to be a bit smarter about financial matters, and in an effort to find ways to save money, I had started recording all my spending. I didn’t do that at Gulf Wars. Now, this was not a big deal for the first half of the week, because I quite literally didn’t really have any money to spend. However, once my paycheck and quota bonus checks were direct deposited, and once I discovered that most of the merchants would in fact take my debit card, I went kind of nuts.

I had also gotten out of the habit of engaging in a daily goal setting and review. Such daily sessions were, and are, a ritual I had been building in my life since last October. I have found it very, very, helpful in keeping me on track and moving forward toward achieving my goals. Normally the Daily Review and Goal setting is the last thing I do before going to bed. I review the days “Get It Done” list to see what I did get accomplished that day, and what I did not. Then I create the “Get it Done” list for the next day. I didn’t do any of that at the War, and by the time I got home, the habit I had built for five months was gone.

Now, not doing my daily review, not paying attention to my diet, and not tracking my spending, none of these things were a big deal while at War. I mean, it’s my vacation. People are allowed to be a little lax on their vacations. Right? No, the real problem lies with the fact that I didn’t start doing them again when I got home. I let my lack of self discipline at war carry on, and that is, not acceptable. I really wish I could claim that I wasn’t aware of what I was doing, but I just don’t lie that well. I knew what I was doing – or, more accurately, what I wasn’t doing. What I can say is that the fact that I wasn’t doing what I new I should be doing was bugging me. It was like an itch that wouldn’t scratch. Day by day, the feeling of something not being right kept growing.  Kept getting more annoying.

This weekend that feeling finally got to be more annoying than I could deal with. So, I dealt with it by rededicating myself to doing all of those things again.  I started yesterday by recording what and when I eat. I didn’t spend any money yesterday, much to my surprise, but I did start recording  expenditures today. Once I’ve finished this blog post, I’ll do my daily review and set my goals for tomorrow. A small start, to be sure, but all great things start small. All of the “self improvement” literature I’ve read says that it takes 21 days to build a habit. I guess today would be day 2 of the habit rebuilding program.

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