Stealing a meme

This was stolen from Sarah. Strangely, I feel no guilt.

I am: not quite content.

I want: So many things.

I have: More than I deserve.

I wish: I could forget some things, and remember others.

I hate: People that will not accept responsibility for their actions.

I hear: The Who singing “Won’t Get Fooled Again”

I search: For enlightenment.

I wonder: What next?

I regret: Not so much regret, but I miss my Dad. His birthday was this month, and I’ve been thinking about him a lot.

I love: Right now, I love a good project that can hold my attention.

I miss: See above.

I always : I always will accept a challenge.

I am not: timid, shy, etc.

I dance: rarely.

I sing: badly, but with great joy.

I cry: Very rarely, and in private.

I win: more often than I think I do.

I misplace: My calm, with amazing regularity.

I need: some more wire. 16 gauge brass, for preference . About 20 pounds of it.

I would: slap George Bush. Repeatedly

I should: stop thinking and start doing.