Who are you?

I think I’m going to be spending some time in the next few weeks posed by the Roger Daltry and the boys: Who are you?

10 For Tuesday.

Ten Things:

1. Tuesday’s Gone is one of Lynrd Skynyrd’s  better songs.
2. Tuesday Weld is a gorgeous actress.
3. I think the Earth Mother is fighting back, and I am wondering where she will strike next.
4. I watched Avatar again, and I still think the effects are amazing, but watching it the second time it reminded me a lot of the plot of Dances  With Wolves.
5. I wonder if restaurants on the Gulf Coast will have reduce prices on “Blackened Shrimp”?
6. I’m bloody sick of rainy weekends.
7. On a related note, I’m really, really looking forward to Crown List this coming weekend.
8. I cannot believe that the Cohen brothers are remaking True Grit. I can’t believe they found an actor willing to try and play Rooster Cogburn.
9. I just finished Changes, the newest novel in the Dresden Files series, and let’s just say  it is appropriately named. I can’t wait to see where Butcher takes the characters next.
10. I still can’t figure out how to weave the half persian chainmaile weave. That is beginning to annoy me.


It’s Thursday, and I feel fine. I’m going to get to see my Mom and sister and this weekend. I’ve got Mom’s mother’sday/birthday present done. I’ve still not got my truck fixed, but that should be done by the end of the month. I’m halfway done with the new Harry Dresden book and it’s is  quite possibly the best one of the series so far. Next week I’ll get to see a couple hundred of my friends at Crown List. I’ve had a couple of productive days at work. In the words of Joe Walsh, recently, “Life’s been good”.

Minutes to memories

So, I get home from work today, and after reading the new postings on all of the websites I check daily, I found myself looking up old song videos on Youtube.com. I was in a mood for something I hadn’t heard in a while, and before long, I found this: Minutes to Memories by John Cougar.

Damn, damn, and triple damn, that took me back a long way. Scarecrow, the album that song was on, was released in 1985. That was the year I graduated high-school. The summer I went to Costa Rica for the second time. The year I started college.  I loved that CD the day I bought it, and loved it so much that I went through about three copies of it.

“On a Greyhound thirty miles beyond Jamestown
He saw the sun set on the Tennessee line
He looked at the young man who was riding beside him
He said I’m old kind of worn out inside
I worked my whole life in the steel mills of Gary
And my father before me I helped build this land
Now I’m seventy-seven and with God as my witness
I earned every dollar that passed through my hands
My family and friends are the best thing I’ve known
Through the eye of the needle I’ll carry them home”

So, I listened to/watched the video about four times. Let my mind kind of drifted away, remembered.

I won’t give you the long list of things I remembered, mainly because it would bore you, and more importantly, me, to tears, but I did want to talk about something I noticed. Specifically I noticed that lines that didn’t mean that much to me when I was 18 mean a whole lot more to me now that I’m 42 going on 43.

“Days turn to minutes
And minutes to memories
Life sweeps away the dreams
That we have planned
You are young and you are the future
So suck it up and tough it out
And be the best you can”

I had so many dreams. So many things I was going to do with my life. I was going to go to college and have all the college experiences. Afterward I was going to be part of the political world, working as a staffer in Washington. Or maybe working in an embassy somewhere overseas. Yeah, I was going to do a lot of things.

You know what happens when you make a lot of plans? Life happens, and the plans kind of go of line. Or they go away. That’s kind of what happened to me. To make a very long story, very short, in college I developed a bit of a problem with booze. To be quite honest, I was a drunk. Of course, at the time I just thought I was a normal college student. I mean, all college students drink, right? Apparently not all of them drank as much as I did.

So, my plans for my life didn’t exactly work out the way I thought they would. Nor the way my family thought it would, or the way any of my friends thought it would.

“The rain hit the old dog in the twilight’s last gleaming
He said Son it sounds like rattling old bones
This highway is long but I know some that are longer
By sunup tomorrow I guess I’ll be home
Through the hills of Kentucky ‘cross the Ohio river
The old man kept talking ’bout his life and his times
He fell asleep with his head against the window
He said an honest man’s pillow is his peace of mind
This world offers riches and riches will grow wings
I don’t take stock in those uncertain things”

Yeah, life didn’t work out the way I had planned. But here’s the thing  I noticed today: My plans, my life didn’t work out, this is true, but it’s not been a bad life. It t00k me a while, but I eventually got to the point where I can say I’m an honest man.
I’ve also truly come to understand that the world does offer riches, but those riches, for the most part are temporary, and that you shouldn’t give those things a lot of importance.

I have also come to understand that the true source of riches is in the friendship and respect of family and friends. By that measure, I am a truly wealthy man. I have more friends, true friends, than I have ever had in my life.

“The old man had a vision but it was hard for me to follow
I do things my way and I pay a high price
When I think back on the old man and the bus ride
Now that I’m older I can see he was right”

I do, in fact, do things my way. I have paid a high price, but the important thing is, the price was worth it.I wouldn’t be the person I am if I hadn’t paid that price. Now, I will admit that when I’m paying the price I don’t like it..but later, after some time to look back on things, I don’t regret paying it.

Saturday afternoon randomness

So, it’s May 1, 2010 already. I have no developed thought for this blog post, so I’m just going to take part in some Saturday afternoon randomness.

  • I really can’t believe that the first four months of the year are already gone. I swear it was just New Years Day a couple of weeks ago.
  • While there were individual days in April that were very, very good, on the whole I’d have to say that in general it was a truly craptacular month. I suggest that in order to assure that may is a better month that we begin offering sacrifices. Poodles seem to be an acceptable sacrifice.
  • I’ve not played any on-line games since I closed my WOrld of Warcraft account in January. I’ve used the time I would have spent playing in productive ways, but I have to say that the last week or so I’ve been really craving a good game. I’ve found myself looking at both the WOW forums and the Eve Online Forums again. This is NOT a good thing. I know myself to well; If I start gaming again I’ll end up wasting way, way to much time. I’ve resisted so far, but DAMN I’ve been thinking about it a lot.
  • I’ve been waiting for feedback on a project.
  • I’ve got to get my vehicle fixed, or get a different one. Not having reliable transportation is really beginning to affect my calm.
  • Caedmon’s knighting was seriously overdue.
  • I’m thinking of starting a betting pool on who will be elevated next in the three circles.
  • I was surprised there are not more people taking part in the next Crown List. Based on the 13 people that are actually taking part, it should be an interesting list.
  • May is going to be a very busy month.
  • I think Fringe and Justified are the two most entertaining shows currently on Television. I recommend them to anyone that is looking for entertainment. Fringe is in it’s second season, but the first four episodes of Justified are currently available on Hulu.com.
  • Castle comes in a close third.
  • You can never listen to Harry Chapin, Jim Crocce, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, or Johnny Cash enough.
  • Finally saw Avatar. The effects were nice; it is a pretty movie, but the story was something I’d seen several times before.
  • Why in the name of all that’s holy would anyone want to remake “Nightmare on Elm Street”? It was a great movie, and didn’t need to be remade.
  • Eating a meal from Taco Bell for the first meal of the day is most certainly NOT a good idea.
  • Come to think of it, neither is eating a meal from Taco Bell as the last meal of the day.
  • I miss Jabberwocky.com.
  • I was recently friended on Facebook by someone I’d literally not heard from in over 20 years. It was a very, very pleasant surprise.
  • Volcano’s, earthquakes, torrential rains; I think the Earth Mother is pissed and fighting back.
  • Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico; I think the price of shrimp is going up again.

In the words of one my favorite Loony Tunes characters, “That’s all folks”….