10 For Tuesday.

Ten Things:

1. Tuesday’s Gone is one of Lynrd Skynyrd’s  better songs.
2. Tuesday Weld is a gorgeous actress.
3. I think the Earth Mother is fighting back, and I am wondering where she will strike next.
4. I watched Avatar again, and I still think the effects are amazing, but watching it the second time it reminded me a lot of the plot of Dances  With Wolves.
5. I wonder if restaurants on the Gulf Coast will have reduce prices on “Blackened Shrimp”?
6. I’m bloody sick of rainy weekends.
7. On a related note, I’m really, really looking forward to Crown List this coming weekend.
8. I cannot believe that the Cohen brothers are remaking True Grit. I can’t believe they found an actor willing to try and play Rooster Cogburn.
9. I just finished Changes, the newest novel in the Dresden Files series, and let’s just say  it is appropriately named. I can’t wait to see where Butcher takes the characters next.
10. I still can’t figure out how to weave the half persian chainmaile weave. That is beginning to annoy me.

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