Week 1

So,  the end of the first work week of June is at hand. Let’s review:
* One of the departments at my company got a very bad audit from one of their main clients. It looks like they might lose a significant part of their business.
* The husband of one of my co-workers sent her a bouquet of roses.  She called him to let him know when she would be home from work, and when she got home, she found that he had shot himself in the head.
* The oil well in the Gulf is still leaking, and the oil itself is expected to reach the Florida beaches in the coming week. However, British Petroleum says they are sorry, so that’s ok.
* Two very good friends of mine are going through some rather serious marital problems. I truly hope they are able to work them out. If they are not, I hope they can both recover from it and move on with their lives.
* I have had a surprisingly productive week at work.
* The NRA sent me a membership offer because they are concerned that my right to own a Uzi loaded with cop killer bullets is under attack by a bunch of liberal anti gun nuts. I might join if they ever decide to champion my right to own a flame thrower. Until then I’ll use their mailers as a coaster for my coffee cup.

I shall be interested to see what the next week brings.