Day2, again.

This has been, without a doubt, the most productive day I’ve had this month. Personally productive, that is. I only spent two hours gaming, and I have used the other hours, the hours I have been spending playing WOW to actually get some stuff done.

I downloaded and installed some Geocaching software. I also spent about an hour getting familiar with my GPS reciever; I bought a Garmin GPSmap 60CSx, last week, but I hadn’t spent any time actually learning how to use it until this evening. Finally, I downloaded the coordinates to several nearby caches. I guess the next step will be to actually get out and find them. My hope is that getting involved in this hobby will actually motivate me to get outside and exercise  a little.


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  1. How have you been? Interesting hobby,anything outdoors is good. Come look at my craft blog. I keep it separate from my writing blog. I’ll post more pics of my jewelry later.

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