Hot New Day

I think the heat is frying my synapses. I’ve been in an odd mood the last couple of days. Of course the attempts to stop smoking, coupled with the business meeting last night would put anyone in an odd mood, but I’m talking about more than that.
About six weeks ago I reactived my World of Warcraft account and started playing again. I’ve been enjoying it, as I always do. THe last three or four days though, I’ve just not hd the urge to log in and grind levels. This afternnon I actually got my pliers and rings out and worked on a jewelry piece or the first time in weeks. I was only at it for an hour or so, but I truly enjoyed the time. It felt good to have the pliers in my hands again, it felt good to see the chain coming together. I don’t know what it will end up being, but I’m enjoying the process, and I look forward to finding out.

Day whatever

I love the SCA. I love the Barony of Grey Niche and the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann. I despise Grey Niche Business meetings.That is all.

Not sure what day it is…

Looking backĀ  I see that deciding to quit smoking at noon on Sunday is not the smartest idea in the world. If you do that, you enter Monday morning in the midst of a nicotine with-drawl so severe it makes you seriously contemplate things you would never do, like say vote republican. Gods, I want a cigarette.

Day 8, again: after the break

So I skipped a couple of days. I was out of town, and I had a great time in Jackson. If the city had been that much fun when I was living there I might have thought about staying there. The Shire of Iron Ox put on a very enjoyable event – Academy of Performing Arts . I didn’t attend any classes, but I did get to spend a lot of quality time with some good friends. The Diamond Chalice meeting was amazingly productive. Truly a great weekend.

Once I got home I typed up my notes from the meeting and sent a report to the Crowns. Sent the minutes of the meeting to Diamond Chalice E-list, gamed for a couple of hours, and then loaded some Cache locations into my GPSR. My goal for the coming week is to find five of them.