Wednesday – the Halfway Point

The week is half over, and by all gods great and small, I’ m all right. Hell, I’m better than “all right”, I could say without boasting that I am pretty damn good. Nothing particularly good to write about, but (and this is important) nothing bad either.

So, I was watching episode 2 of the third season of Sons of Anarchy this afternoon (I do SO love TIVO) and I was trying to decide why I like this show so much. It’s a show about an outlaw motor cycle club; the main characters are criminals.  Much like the Shield, The Wire, and The Sopranos, there are no real heroes, and I liked all those shows.

This surprises me, because in all of those shows, none of the main characters are  what would be generally described as “good” people. Society normally doesn’t label men that routinely engage in violence, sell drugs, or illegal guns, as “good” people.

But then I realized that all these shows are about very specific subcultures that exist within the larger culture of our country: the subculture of a mob family, an outlaw motorcycle gang,  a rogue police unit, or, in the case of the Wire an investigative unit and the criminal organization they are investigating.  While the larger society might view the actions of the people within that subculture in a less than positive light, the members of that subculture themselves, have a very, very different set of values.

I don’t really know where I was going with that, but it was an interesting line of thought.

Anyway, the week is half over. My bills are paid, a (very) little bit of money has been deposited in the bank, and the rest of the week is before me. I’ve not logged into my WOW account for almost two weeks, and I’ve been spending the time making jewelry.

I’ve also been consciously avoiding spending money as much as possible. I’ve not bought any snacks from the vending machines at work for five consecutive work days, though I have bought diet cokes: they don’t count as snacks. Of course, if I may brag a little I can say that I’ve limited my spending on diet cokes to one bottle a day, as opposed the four or five I had been drinking. So, thats a good thing.

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